Do these spells actually?

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Do these spells actually?
Post # 1
Hello everyone, my name is John Ryce. I am new here and I really have no idea if these spells really work or not. Have any of these spells ever worked for you ?
NOTE: This question should not be taken in an offending manner.
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Re: Do these spells actually?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Site Spells Discussion from Welcome.
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Re: Do these spells actually?
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Whether a spell works or not depends on many factors:

- The reality of a spell
- Your personal knowledge
- Your ability to cast effectively
- If a spell is meant to happen or not.

For instance, you may know the basics and how to cast, but if you try a spell to make you a mermaid it simply won't work.
But a spell for confidence, may well work, depending on your knowledge.

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Re: Do these spells actually?
Post # 4
I totally agree with your comment ^^^. Though a lot of the spells on here are made by non-believers and tricksters, some may work. (Depending on what it's about, as stated above) Just try out different things and see what works, or you could write your own spells and know for sure that they are real. I hope you find this helpful, happy spell casting!
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Re: Do these spells actually?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
broad question really, you should do a lot of studying before casting to understand spells and magick better because spell casting requires a few things.

in answer to your question, no, not every spell on this site works. magick is a natural energy, it is a part of nature, spells require this energy to be focused and directed for the spell to work. this is why any type of spell that contradicts nature does not work [so you can rule out anything in the Fantasy or Trick section for this reason] next you have your grey areas in magick that have been debating on for some time [weather and death spell specifically] i wouldn't recommend touching those until you have a strong grasp of magick and what it's capable of.

spells that do work include love, luck, wealth, protection, cleansing, binding, banishing, healing, summoning, beauty, job, and curses [and a variety of others which typically fall into those categories] this doesn't mean every single spell in these sections work however, a spell could be flawed in the procedure or ingredients, or the caster themselves can miscast the spell causing it to be a dud. for this reason it's best to do a little research and study until attempting a spell so you have a higher chance of success.
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Re: Do these spells actually?
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
Some do, some don't I do not suggest to waste time on mermaid spells, I know mine says I posted one but that was a friend and it cannot be removed. Just don't waste time on fantasy spells (imagination stuff, cartoon stuff, etc) because it simply won't work due to it being fake. Whoever says it did work for them is a roleplayer. And they are trying to trick you into doing it. I used to believe in some fantasy spells but I learned real quick it wasn't real. Me and one of my best friends practice spells together, and since we do not have much luck from spells on here we make our own and cast it together. I don't usually go into the spell tab anymore I go on forums and try to find advice and give advice. Have fun John!
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Re: Do these spells actually?
Post # 7
The only way I can answer that is;
When doing a spell you have to take in many factors; you need to know what spell you are doing and the reality of the spell. What I mean is some spells out there will say you can turn into anything. Reality of this is false. You can not just turn into anything. I had someone read a spell and ask me to turn them into a cigerette. See what I am saying on reality of the spell? Then there knowledge. Knowledge is a key word when doing a spell. If you have knowledge about how to do the spell and how to mix things that may need to be mixed it helps. Trust me you do not want to mix something wrong. it will mess up the whole spell. The next thing is the ability/skill to do it. You do not want to try a spell that you do not have the skill for. Spells can go wrong. You need to make sure you have the right skills for it. I would not want a beginner to try a experienced spell. You need to feel comfortable when you do a spell. There is also belief in the spell you are doing. If you do not believe the spell will work then it can fail. there is also the if the spell is ment to be or not. This plays a huge part in spells. If someonething is not ment to be it will fail. At least in my experience
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