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Post # 1
So, lately, i've been having a lot of dreams about Foxes. For example,where i'm sitting on a grass field,eating strawberries,when a random, friendly Fox comes over to me and i share the strawberries with it. I enjoyed its company, and it seemed to as well. Another dream where my step dad is yelling at me, at an abandoned train station and a fox comes by and attacks him, it seemed like it was defending me, since i don't have a bond with my step dad.
Now, last night i had yet another dream, i'm guessing it was the same Fox! I was sitting somewhere in the outback. The fox was there again, and i was playing around with it, and petting it, like it's my own lovely companion. Does anyone know what this means? Could the fox possibly be a guide? Or a totem? my totem is the Owl, but i find it weird that the fox reappears more in my dreams than the owl. Any information is appreciated!
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Re: Fox
Post # 2

Maybe it is a sign that it is your spirit animal?

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Re: Fox
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Some spirit animals can can a guide for a short time to help you learn something, or it can be a companion for a life time.

Reflect on your life, research what the fox means to you, and from resources. Do a meditation even. Ask why it came to you, and what it has to bring.
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Re: Fox
Post # 4
It could be either a spirit aninal or guide and so on. I don't get what a totem is though... Why don't you meditate on it?
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Re: Fox
Post # 5
I personally believe Tethaia is right.It could be your spirit animal.I had connections with a crow in my childhood.As i grew older my connection with him withered away in time.I think he was my guide for a short interval.Try and meditate.Call out to him/her and make your bond stronger.
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Re: Fox
Post # 6

Not saying it is your totem, or spirit animal, as that is something that would be based on your traditions and personal views. However, here is one view of the meaning of foxes

Different creatures make themselves apparent to us for a variety of reasons. If you feel that this is the case for you, I would suggest looking into different meanings for foxes and see what resonates with you.

Love, light and blessings


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