Working Spells?!

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Working Spells?!

Working Spells?!
Post # 1
What spells are working 100%?
Please , leave here a top with the most useful and working spells.
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Re: Working Spells?!
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Well I would suggest the basics such as grounding, centering, meditating, as well as understanding what is possible and what is not. Then moving onto understanding how to construct your own spells.

So in other words, lots and lots of reading and research. No one will spoon feed you, you have to be willing to roll up your sleeves and do the hard work yourself. Google, pdf books, buying some good books off amazon, reading some good articles off here are useful as well. I enjoy reading Lark's post most of all for good information as well as Personified.

Some things that need to be understood are that magick cannot change your dna. This means no werewolf, no vampire, no half demon, no demigod, no gender change (requires surgery).

Some other things to consider is do you believe in karma? This may effect how you go about things. Some people use tarot/oracle cards to do a reading before doing any kind of spell to see if it is even a good idea to do in the first place. Many will tell you doing a spell isn't always the best idea if it is something that can easily be handled by mundane means jumping to a magickal solution is not always necessary.

It has been suggested after knowing these things to perhaps start with something simple such as candle magick. Oh, it is also important to note many oracle/tarot decks come with instruction booklets and can easily be gotten off of amazon along with many other tools you might consider using.

I hope this is helpful to you~
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Re: Working Spells?!
Post # 3


But I would want to add that there are some traditions that don't necesarily require some of the "basics" such as meditation .A good example would be hoodoo.

P.S : I don't think that doing multiple posts with the same question is a good idea :P

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Re: Working Spells?!
Post # 4
There's no spells that "work". The degree that they work depends cleary on you and how much you've practised. Start from the basics and work up your way.
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Re: Working Spells?!
By: / Novice
Post # 5

To add to what's already been posted, spells written by the individual who's preforming them tend to work best.

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