Bind or Honey Jar???

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Bind or Honey Jar???

Bind or Honey Jar???
Post # 1
Is it fine to complete a binding spell for my boss and put it in the freezer along with herbs and anointing oil and sugar? I find that binding spell work for me along with incense. What do you all think?

I know alot of people are doing honey jars. I'm not sure which one will work for me.

My boss wants to put me on a night shift and I'm a single parent with noone to watch my child. day shift is my only option. Please tell me your thoughts
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Re: Bind or Honey Jar???
Post # 2
A binding spell would not work so well for this purpose. I would do a prayer asking that your needs/desires be met, or a wish spell.
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Re: Bind or Honey Jar???
Post # 3

As much as it is desirable to fix all our problems with magick, a talk with your boss may be the most surefire way to get your point across.

However, if that has been done and failed, then perhaps some sort of wish spell, or one to promote your bosses mind to changing. I don't think a binding spell would work best in this situation, but who knows, it could end up being helpful. Best of luck.

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Re: Bind or Honey Jar???
By: / Novice
Post # 4

A sweetening work would be the better option as you are trying to talk with them about an issue and resolve it.

Obviously, you are suppose to talk to him and explain the situation in full while doing the work.

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Re: Bind or Honey Jar???
Post # 5
Thank you. I anointed myself with the essence of bend over and do as I say oil everyday for a week and I put my intention in it every morning before work. I used it to give a scent as a reminder and I also anointed his mouse my his desk every morning before he came in to work. As of right now I am on days for at least 60 days and my boss may be switching to another Job, leaving me to be "The Boss". I also spoke to him regarding the situation first without him choosing to do anything about it. After I did this everything changed.It changed everything.
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