What can demi gods do

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What can demi gods do
Post # 1
So...As I went through a book about Greek gods and goddesses I found out about Hebe,the youngest daughter of Zeus and Hera. So,I was thinking,what can demi-gods(don't have any other term) do? What do they inherit from their parents? Do they have powers like the other gods and goddesses?

To mention,I am NOT talking about becoming one. It is thoroughly impossible.

Thank you for your assistance.
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Re: What can demi gods do
Post # 2

Well if you look into more legends or stories about them you will learn more. I do not know much about Greek mythology personally. I do remember reading about Herculese being gifted with abnormal strength. Perseus was able to manipulate water. I don't remember much about other demigods but I would think all of them inherited or were gifted with different abilities related to who their parents were.

I would definitely suggest further reading in Greek mythology if this is a topic that interests you. I think a few covens on hear teach it but it has beenn a while since I joined one. Your local library would also be a good place to look.

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Re: What can demi gods do
Post # 3
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Re: What can demi gods do
Post # 4
The most famouse demi god was Hercules his mother was human but his father was zeus. The legends say when he was a baby he strangled two snakes to death, and as he got older he was given tests to do by Hera one of them was a lion with impenetrable fur so some say that he strangled it to death or (let's just say worse) so the answer to your question would be they get a fraction of power from the god/goddess parents.

And demi god is the right term haha
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Re: What can demi gods do
Post # 5
Impossible depends on your definition of what you think the human soul is...

In one perspective, we are all children of specific gods with unique talents and abilities of our own that may hold significance in whichever gods we came from.

In yet another, we are children in a metaphorical sense, such as us being made from the clay of the earth and moving on from there.

As for powers, honestly it would be hard to determine without really knowing one. I tend to believe in the first aspect, that we all have connections to the divine that grants us specific traits and gifts. Perhaps once upon a time, when human society relied more on the spirit than technology, this was more potent.

Alas though, again, the answer is elusive and you'll have to consider your own answers to your questions, but I would not be surprised if it was not a culmination of many reasons, as it so often is.
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