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what we have is what is called the body computer "the biological body computer".. The base foundation of this so called reality is actually base form, "vibrating energy" , and scientists will tell you that within waveforms , lots of types of information can be stored.
What happens is the wave form information construct is decoded through the body computer, into the world that we are experiencing.
Its almost like the wireless internet, where you can get a computer and plug in the internet (the whole collective reality), out of the unseen to appear on the screen in holographic images.

So as we decode vibrational information, through to electrical information, which is sent to the brain and the brain then transforms it into holographic information (the world we are experiencing).
so the five senses, are like virtual reality computer games that the computer lock into.. they change vibrational information into electrical information, which goes to the brain to be decoded into holographic information!

Matrix movie: when the character says ( this isnt real), and morphies says : what is real? how do you define real? if you are talking about what you can smell , taste and see then "real" is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.

the five senses are simply a decoding system! for example sound : A vibration that comes to the ear, then it reaches the brain, then the brain , hears the sound, it is just a vibration otherwise.
There is no SOUND untill we have decoded it as so! sound is just a vibration untill we have decoded it!

The same with taste! electrical signals are sent to the brain and decodes this type of electrical signal and gives you the taste of the food. ( all food have a little bit of electricity , this is just extra info) , have you ever seen someone lighting a little light bulb with a fruit? :D)

well, this is also how through hypnotise , get someone to eat a potatoe but taste an apple! because you implant the belief in the brain that its an apple , then the electrical information with the potatoe code, goes to the brain and the brain reads it as an apple instead!

Life is all an ilussion! iits like a computer game, a very very complex and advanced computer game.
So we live in a specific place in the hologrphic internet, when we talk about the internet people will tell us, yes all those sites, and the colors and images and so on. YEs it is , but the only place that exists in that form is on the screen!

Everwhere else its just electrical circuits and so on.
Same goes to televiosion...

One can say that we live in what i call the cosmic internet, but people ask: if we create the reality in our heads, why do we see the same things?
Answer: well when you log on the internet in USA or in england or australia or anywhere, you log on the same collective reality as in everwhere else, everywhere in the world.
if we both go to the same website , in defferent places, we are going to see the same seeing, its the same collective reality.

But then we can ofcorse decide, what we think of this website, do we like it? we put our indivual spin on it, but its the same reality.

The body computer is pulling out this reality out of the unseen, otherwise its just vibrational information!!!! there is no holographic images untill we have decoded it!
Basic science will tell you that nothing stands still! everything VIBRATES!

So what is this world??
It is information, and its information decoding information!
Just like when you put an disc (information) onto a computer , then the computer decodes that information , reads it with electrical information and then it is decoded into holographic information (on the screen with images and so on). That is what we are doing !

And that is how we are experiencing this "so called" outside of us reality.. and our human bodies are also energetic in base form! its non physical in its base form, but when it comes to the decoding system it becomes the world that we think we are experiencing out there, wich is physical..

It really seems to be outside of us, but its not, its inside of us, we are creating it through our decoding system in our heads.

Now for some other info.
science: photons are the basic unit of visible light and all other electromagnetic radiation.
They carry information , and they are generated out of the sun, triggered by this vibrational base frequency, creates this wireless internet i was talking about earlier.

it is photon information that is passing through the earth's grid, than we human are decoding this information into what we see today. the world.

Some scientists now are coming to this conclusion that this reality, can only exist when its observed! otherwise its just vibrations. Think about this.. when you put a disc into a computer, the computer does not read all of the disc's information at the same time! it reads that part that is is "OBSERVING" , whatever that laser is hitting at the time, the other parts of the disc are simply information!

No light gets into the brain as we know! so how do we see light?

No light ever gets into the brain, because it is decoding informationinto that light..

Becasue the only place anything exists in that physical form is inside you! (the brain) , and you change it by changing the way you decode reality.

if you think about it, this is the reason why magic works in the first place.. you send out energy, programmed energy ,into the world to manifest intself into you're reality!

magic or miracle or anything like that, is simply overcoming the programming of thinking what is possible or not possible.

We are ofcorse programmed to believe that when you walk over fire or hot stones , you will burn your feet, and if you walk over hot stones with that belief system you will burn your feet!

but as many people have showed , that if you can go to another state of conciousness another belief system and override that, you will walk over hot stones and wont feel a thing.
because an illusion cannot burn an illusion unless you believe it can!

There are no miracles! there is just the understanding how to manifest all possibilities! and that understanding comes from the fact that we acknowledge that we are consciousness , disinbodied , no form awareness having an expereience.

There are more realities as well! anyone openmided enough will tell you that there are indeed other realities! we magic believers , believe in other realms as well!

we can only decode what is called "visible light" and the visible light spectrum is very little of what actually exists! (other realities)

the visible light, the electro megnetic spectrum is only thing we can decode! and it is very tiny! its around 0.005% of everything, and everything else is what scientists called as dark energy or dark matter, and they call it dark, not because it is black, its because we cannot decode it! Therefor its not in our realm of expereince.

We are actually blind, we are less intellegent than we think we are, even if we know everything about out "visible light" reality, we would only know 0.005% of everything. wich is nothing..

i can really go on and add lots of info, but for now i am tired , hope this was understandable!


Albert Einstien: Reality is an illusion, albeit a pessistant one.

Tesla: if you want to understand the universe, think of frequency and vibration.

Sincerely yours Luci.
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