Newbie here, I need some

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Newbie here, I need some

Newbie here, I need some
Post # 1
Hi I'm Sam, and I'm new here. I've checked this site out before, but I've never signed up until now. I hail from the icy wasteland known as Canada, I'm going in to 11th grade next year. All my life I've had this ability to see the future, through pre-cognitive dreams. I didn't understand what was happening to me at first, so i did some research. I found that while pre-cognitive dreams are a thing, no credible scientific evidence has been put forward to prove it. After all,its impossible to prove something that you dreamed. Now all the research that I did not only said that pre-cognitive dreaming was completely fake, but that everyone who claims to have seen the future had just had a dream of a ship sinking before the titanic sunk, or a plane crash a couple of day before one happens. But my dreams are completely vivid. I've had several but I'll give you the best example. I dreamt this the summer of 2012, and the dream went like this. I opened my eyes and I was sitting in a sweltering classroom. I didn't recognize a single face including my teacher. I looked around the classroom, said deja v? and woke up. Whenever I have one of these dreams I always say deja v? because when I see it for the first time while awake, I really am seeing it again. Now that dream was forgotten by noon, and it stayed forgotten until 2 years later. I had decided to go to a different school for a program, so it was in a different city. I only knew 8 people going to that school at the beginning of grade 9, and those were the people who were in my old school who also got accepted into the program. I managed to fail math that year so I had to take it in summer school. My summer school class was full of people from different schools that I didn't know, and my teacher, was a teacher at a neighboring school that I had never met. About 2 weeks into summmer school, I was sitting in my seat, the classroom was hot because the AC had broke, and I just randomly said deja v?. The moment I said that everything came back to me, the entire dream. The thing that freaks me out the most about this is that the websites I researched said that you can't make up a face, every person that you've ever dreamed about has been someone that you have seen before. Yet I had this dream 2 years before it happened, and I didn't know any of those people, let alone that I was going to go to a school in another city. I'm only ever able to do this while sleeping, and I've never been able to control it. I've also never told anyone because I could never fully prove it. But the reason I joined this site is because I'm hoping that I will meet some like minded people, and maybe learn how to control my ability. Thanks for taking the time to read that incredibly long paragraph about my experience.
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Re: Newbie here, I need some
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Newbie here, I need some
By: / Novice
Post # 3

I would suggest starting a dream journal. That way, you don't forget the dreams, and you can look back on what you wrote to see how things lined up. It is best to keep a journal next to your bed and write what you dreamt about as soon as you wake up because that is when you will remember it best.

Good luck.

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