Deeper in trance

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Deeper in trance
Post # 1
Sometimes I get randomly in trance and try to seperate. This time it didn't work at all, in fact I got out of it. Another time it did, and I actually managed to seperate my head, legs and legs (maybe not comoletely the last one). People are telling me I need to go deeper in trance in order to seperate, but I don't know how to do that. Any suggestions?
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Re: Deeper in trance
Post # 2

What method are you using? Are you able to fully relax without any distractions?

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Re: Deeper in trance
Post # 3
If you noticed I'm saying I get randomly in trance. So I don't use any method, I just get there out of the blue.
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Re: Deeper in trance
Post # 4
My apologies for somehow missing that. I would think that working into a deeper trance would help. I questioned how because different methods work for different types of trance.Drumming seems to work well for going into ones self or for going to the spirit realm. The sinking method is also good for going into oneself. But for trying to split away from yourself into other realms I would suggest the pulling method. Basically when you feel yourself going into that state, visualize a rope dangling just above you. Picture grabbing that rope and slowly pulling your spirit out of your body leaving behind your physical being. There are other methods out there. This is just one I know others have had good results with.
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Re: Deeper in trance
Post # 5
I hav problem with the rope, it doesn't work for me. But sinking down sounds an awesome idea, I'll try that. Thanks for help.

If anyone wants to add anything else surely do it, I want to hear others's opinions too.
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Re: Deeper in trance
By: / Novice
Post # 6

Hello Ioakeim,

When it comes to intentionally inducing a trance-like state, there are various methods that may or may not work on an individual. This is why cumulative conditioning and mental training is highly important for the task, The more open, ready and relaxed you are the more effective the trance and overall experience will be.

Think of it like the training of an athlete. They begin by light work, jogging or lifting light weights, but soon enough their muscles will respond accordingly to their will by growing strong enough to carry them farther, faster and stronger than ever. It is the same for us, but with our minds and astral bodies. The first big step is to accept that you might not have made the full transition before, but you are getting there and that means you're already training yourself, especially considering you're reaching these states "randomly" which is quite the surprise to hear!

Anyhow, here are my personal favorite methods of inducing trance states.

  • Rhythm:: I usually use the help of TibetanSinging Bowls . They are very helpful for reaching certain stages quickly and can help quiet mental chatter while triggering vibrational effects of Astral Projection more quickly. A percussioninstrument or an acoustic guitar is also helpful if you can play one. If music isn't helpful to you, then there is always physical Rhythm such as dancing, as it is also very effective. Just make sure the dancing isn't too stressful and requires little effort mentally, otherwise, it won't have the right effect. Rhythmical visuals such as a constant swaying of a pendulum or drawing various circles on a paper might also help you.
  • Hemispheric Synchronization :: Otherwise known as BinauralBeats, Hemi-Sync is more of a crutch that will help you to reach deep trance states faster through the use of projecting different audio levels through the left and right sides of your headphones in order to synchronize brain waves and induce the trance. It is very effective for a large number of people.
  • Body Postures :: There are various body positions and exercises in order to further develop and induce a trance state. The most well known being Yoga , my preferred being the IndianYogic System. Taking methods of Asana and Pranayama, you might be able to induce a trance through that. If such techniques do not appeal to you, there is always The Death Posture of Austin Osman Spare . He introduces various body exercises which induce a deep, "deathly" sort of trance that involves tricking the body into a state of absolute relaxation. This is through laying on your back, relaxing every muscle, and shutting out everything having to do with time, space, yourself, and the world. He also gives the exercises of Hyperventilation through yoga - standing on tip toe with the arms behind your back, clasped by the hands and stretching them upward until euphoria ensues. Mirrors are used as well, gazing at your reflection until it becomes so incredibly blurry that you do not see yourself, and then involuntarily closing your eyes and visualizing what you wish to accomplish either spiritually, astrally or physically. It's a deep meditation used for positive power and growth.
  • Self-Sacrifice :: Fasting and lacking sleep can also be a way to more easily trigger trances and Astral Projections. Though this is what some might call self-harm, so please do these things as safely and responsibly as possible.
  • Hallucinogens :: The use of things such as cannabis or other things have been helping shamans reach states of higher consciousness. You can do so too, but like the Self-Sacrificial one, please do so safely and responsibly and do not do anything that would be considered illegal in your area or get you and your friends/family in any sort of trouble. Safety comes first!
  • Visualization and Mental Focus :: Focussing on things such as a dot on your wall or a spot on your carpet can induce trances as well. Reciting mantras, staring into mirrors, using power objects, asking spirit guides for assistance, and so on can all be very helpful. I suggest using pictures because it is a still, unchanging image that you can really visualize and focus on without getting too bored. If that doesn't work, there is always that Apple Imagery people love to use.

I hope this helped Ioakeim.

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Re: Deeper in trance
Post # 7
It really did Ishvala and I'll read it again and again.
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