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Post # 1
I have been able to sense different Presence's for a very long time but here is the thing, I am working. But let me explain first.

When I first got into the craft I "started" as a pagan, and did my first ritual a few weeks to q month after studying up ( yes, I know not very smart ). I realized that I never properly protected myself when I did a ritual and must have drawn something ( at the time had no idea what I was doing which was not smart of me ). I was living in the attic at the time ( either that or share a room with my step brother). So there where a few small doors with very secure latches on them leading to other parts of the attic. Ever once in a while when I would read, the latch would come undone, then a few minutes later the door would open. That's when I noticed a presence. It was like my back was bare and up against a sheet of ice. I solved that problem quickly but never forgotten the feeling.
Now we have moved ruffly three years to the day, and I haven't ridden myself of that feeling. I see shadows all the time, dark eyes down the hall from my room in my parents rooms door way, and can tell when things aren't right. I can feel when whatever it is is near, I can see it sometimes and to be honest it's more then one entity, I know this because I get different feelings. I have done enough cleansing and protected my room to the point it's ridiculous. Yet I still sense them. They don't bother me, some watch me, I guess you could say. But it just is unseddaling.
The problem is that, it's gotten to the point where it's like a regular thing to sense them and see them, amd I know it's not normal and was wondering if I should try and figure out what's up or just leave it alone
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Re: Presence
Post # 2
What type of ritual were you doing if you dont mind telling and it is up to you to choose what you want. There is ways to get rid of the spirits lingering around you but it is your choice no one elses
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Re: Presence
Post # 3
I was reading "Teen witch " by Silver Ravenwolf and there was a ritual in there to let my deities at the time know that I was getting into the craft. I thought I closed the circle of protection around me , but I as wrong. It's not so much getting rid of them. They don't bother me, at first it was scary, because I had a Satanist walking me through some issues, which drew their attention more to my negative. However, that dialed down, and their still here. I don't care that they are here, sometimes they are helpful, they can an lend me their energy, but why they are here is the problem. I don't want to know something bad happened in this house or something that I did, if that makes sense
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