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From Seattle
Post # 1
Hi, my nick is of course Algiz - which should be a tipoff that I'm into runes. I also respond to crystals which is typical of a rune person. I don't do divination, I only use runes for invoking their magic.

I've hung on other magic sites - the first one a great and busy site that had the person running it get into some egyptian diety worship and close the board to only that worship because he felt anything else wasn't pious to his God. We got told to worship his god or be blocked. Then he changed the name of the site to his god's worship page and I left with the 99k%. Sucks because I was on that site for years and there was a huge wealth of knowledge there that he wiped out.

The members of that started a new site that just became too slow. It took about a year and there just wasn't much posting so it's still up but not active enough to call it being on a forum.

I joined ecauldron which I visited once in a while for a few years then went there having being gone for probably a year and found I couldn't log in and got a message that the admin had banned my email. this was news because I didn't post much, only offered rune or crystal help when I did post and never got into an argument with anyone. I have no idea why I got banned and the admin hasn't answered my query. Banned for lack of use can be the only reason. Regardless, that was the first time I've been banned from a magic site and I need a magic site as I've just always had one that I come to occasionally if months to a year of absence.

So here I am. I would like a general magic site where I browse, offer a little rune or crystal help now and then, ask a question to get a quick answer now and then, and will not be banned if I rarely show up.

I've looked though this site and so far I like what I see. You guys seem pretty open minded and it's hopping with people.

I'm from the Seattle area where I live and I am absolutely a cat person. I'm down to 7I would be down to 4 but 3 more showed up in the last year - 2 dropped off by family and one a homeless cat that moved in. Cat people tend to be easy going and can handle others having their own opinions and independence.

I'm a religious duality of Christianity and Buddhism with Buddhism being the dominate side and Christianity being left over from how I was raised. It was really liberal. My last Christian minister was a gay woman who did gay marriage and dream interpretation. She wore a rainbow mantle. I am not gay. That was the best church I ever attended and I became a buddhist out of it. They believed Christ was a way and not the way. I can't handle Christian fundies who impose their will on others. Infact, I back away from inflexible people. I won't fight that, I just get away from it.

I am not a witch. I am a spiritual believer in re-incarnation, karma, being just, general magic, etc. I'm not into any dark magic or negative people.

I think that does a good job telling about me.
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Re: From Seattle
Post # 2
I should write a few more things. I'm used to sites that accept people of all religions and the non-religious. I find religious diversity makes a great magic site. I'm very tolerant of other's religions. Ie. Wiccans have offered me a lot of life wisdom, and so have many people with esoteric Gods and Pantheons they worship.
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