Spontaneous OBE

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Spontaneous OBE
Post # 1
I just had an OBE, or at least I think I did. last night I suddenly woke up from sleep, but my body was vibrating (not shivering though) internally . it spent about a minute like that until I decided to move, then I moved my shoulder, but I only felt it move without it actually moving I knew I was out of my body, when I relaxed , the rest of my body started floating. But I got scared and jerked myself back to reality. Now I'll have to learn to do it consciously. wish me luck.
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Re: Spontaneous OBE
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

No, that was not an out-of-body experience. That is what is known as "sleep paralysis" Wikipedia actually has a pretty good article on this phenomenon which is a form of sleep disorder but nothing magical.

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Re: Spontaneous OBE
Post # 3
As lark said it is sleep paralysis, although many people use sleep paralysis to have a OBE so you are going into the right path
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Re: Spontaneous OBE
Post # 4
If u want to experience Obe (Out of body experience)
1=Cleansing of the chakras
2=Grouwding and centering
4=Physical health, along with nutritional and vitamin intake, so that you can endure certain pains if something happens to you
5=.Experience(The more experience u have the better they will be at it )

And as above said its called "sleep paralysis"ur body is in paralysis state and after that u reach in vibration state which is the last stage of astral projection.Once u can control the vibration state ,u r feady to leave ur body .
Note:Dont try to move while sleep paralysis or u lost the trance of the state.And drink milk before sleep its very helpful in astral project .
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Re: Spontaneous OBE
Post # 5
Maybe, I'm saying maybe, you send consiousnes to astral body, or seperate a couple of centemetres of your body. But yeah it was either SP or trance.

I will agree (...) to hade's answer. These can be helpful. Chakra problems can cause difficulty in seperation and I'm talking through personal experience. Meditation because it helps you focus, physical health is helpful although I never ever heard vitamins... If you're healthy everything is fine. "Experience" wasn't necessary for that question, we all start from somewhere..there's first time for everything. I'm nkt so sure how grounding and centering help, but they do.

Also, I don't know how milk helps. I disagree on the last note of hades, it is acutally said if you try to move you get deeper into that. Just not try to move too much or you'll get out... I have experiment with it once, I tried to move and I got deeper in trance.
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