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Post # 1
I want to learn teleportation. Can anyone tech me that?

Re: Teleportation
Post # 2
Sorry but you actually can't do that. It would totally defy the laws of nature as it would erase your structural mass to make it appear on other place and it would require total control of the energy around you. Magick can't defy the laws of nature and can't make you have absolute control over the energy around you.

Re: Teleportation
Post # 3
Even though I might not know the correct spell for it. I'm sure it's absolutely possible. But, that is just my opinion.

Re: Teleportation
Post # 4
If that is possible then I would be with my dad in Japan but I can't. As I said, Magick can't defy the laws of physics and nature at all. Teleportation is just a thing of Movies and TV shows/series. Its product of myths and Hollywood stuff.

Re: Teleportation
Post # 5
Thank you Asia. The other one can you shut up

Re: Teleportation
Post # 6
solomonking there is no need to be so rude Energypriest was just speaking the truth - no spell is going to make you teleport anywhere. You can believe whatever you like but that doesn't make it true.

Re: Teleportation
By: / Novice
Post # 7

Solomonking, just because you do not like a response, does not mean it is right to be rude towards someone.

In fact Energypriest is very much right, you cannot teleport with magick, it simply is not possible, as has already been said, magick cannot defy any natural laws, therefor you cannot teleport.

Re: Teleportation
Post # 8
Exactly, I don't think I need to add anything. Watch your language Solomonking, he was honest with you as we all are. With teleportation your whole body structure would be dissolved and would travel in seconds and be created again in exactly the same way somewhere else. It's impossible. Science has done great process the last years, I really do not know if science would ever manage to do that sort of thing, but for now-and for your next 10 lifetimes it will be impossible.

If you want to travel in seconds anywhere you wish even in dimenssions, I suggest looking up Astral Projection. During AP you don't teleport, you just travel extremely fast...

Re: Teleportation
Post # 9
I say that to Energypriest for other reason not for his answer. And I now the rules of magic I just ask if any one find a way to do that

Re: Teleportation
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 10

Solomonking, being rude to other members is against the rules here. Please take this as a caution not to continue to do this.

As others have said, teleportation with magic is not feasible. While there are some who have "claimed" to teleport, there is no scientific evidence that such is possible except perhaps at the atomic level.

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