Scrying and spell casting

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Scrying and spell casting
Post # 1
Hello everyone, im a simply girl and starter in magic. So be free to message me, i love communicating with people and im kind :)But now i really need your help. Please anybody who can help me tell me.. i will message you immediatly.. Blessing
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Re: Scrying and spell casting
By: / Novice
Post # 2
well what specifically about skrying and spell casting? [don't say 'everything', that doesn't help]

skrying: there are many methods to skrying, so try them all [if possible] and find the one that works best for you [try to stick with each technique for 3-4 weeks, otherwise you might call it quits too early hence the lack of results] get into a calm meditative state, then gaze into the skrying tool [typically a reflective surface like a crystal/crystal ball, black mirror, or bowl of water, but people can skry with smoke and fire] you might need to unfocus your eyes a little as you need to look beyond your reflection. now just keep in that clear calm state and observe. you probably won't get a vivid picture the first time you try, but keep a pen and paper nearby to record anything that may happen. [also, don't force yourself. try to work your way up slowly. start with a minute and work your way up.]

spells: you need to study the basics before casting [i'd say that it usually takes about a month on average] spell casting requires energy, focus, and visualisation [among other things] for it to work. there are many great resources to help you if you look for them. energy work, practice charging, centering and grounding as well as psi balls and shielding to get a feel for the flow of energy and how you react to it. focus, get use to meditation. visualisation there is many methods, a simple one is to close your eyes and visualise a red ball, then slowly work your way up to seeing the image of a red ball with your eyes open. it can also help with focus. [as for why, you need to direct the energy on a clear path to the end goal you wish to achieve with the spell, if you don't charge enough energy, keep getting distracted while casting, or are unclear with what you want, the energy will have gaps in it and the spell will have a lower chance of success]
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