Greetings From Ct.

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Greetings From Ct.
Post # 1

My name is Sean.

I am so new that it will scare you. I was raised a Mormon (LDS) and followed my leaders and family blindly. I have always had doubts, but I just looked on them as faults in my spirit.

I do cross stitch and quilting. I was looking through some of my daughter's books for pictures for a pattern. She started Wicca and witchcraft a few years ago. I have never judged her andencouragedher to follow her own path. I started looking at the pictures and then I started reading and reading. I found that there were many of my personal beliefsin these books, that I have never expressed to my family or friends.

I want to learn more, I feel that this is where I belong. I don't want to be told "you have to do this or that" just because some elder says it what I have to do. I ask why and he says ( why is it always a he?) because that the way ist is done and I don't know why.. you will find out someday when you meet the father. Where is the mother? certainly,there is a mother. In a hymn, we are told that we have a mother in heaven, but we are not to mention her.

I have seen how spells and meditation have helped my daughters family in many ways andI would like to learn. I don't want to be as my church leaders say " be in the world, not of the world and cast off the natural man." If it's the Natural Man why cast it off?

I look forward to learning with you and please be patientwith me, Iwill listen and I will comment as needed and I am not afraid to ask questions. My days of following blindly are over.

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Re: Greetings From Ct.
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Welcome to the site! I hope you find it useful.

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