Scrying: Question on mirr

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> Scrying: Question on mirr

Scrying: Question on mirr
Post # 1
I have a larger mirror I think I'm supposed to use for scrying; I was just wondering about any experiences others have had with getting into mirror scrying and mirror sizes. I had read some about scrying some time ago, but it has been a while and I'd like to hear experiences if anyone is willing to share.

Thank you and blessed be
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Re: Scrying: Question on mirr
Post # 2

I'm new to scrying myself and LOVE it! This is just a personal opinion but I really don't think that size matters that much. It depends on your ability to concentrate. I've even used my blank cell phone screen. On this site there is a great video (Magical Techniques: Part 1 - The Art of Scrying). It has scrying basics as well as background information.

Let us know how things progress...

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Re: Scrying: Question on mirr
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Scrying mirrors arent just any mirror.
Most commonly they are a clack, reflective surface, to used in candle light (or moon light). You arent supposed to see anything physically there, so to speak. This will allow you to concentrate you meditative state without having any distractions.

Sure you could use a regular mirror for other things, such as sending back negative energy to the source, or reverse workings.

Black mirrors are also not supposed to be touched by sunlight(in some opinions of course) and to be kept in a dark place, used at night. But theyer also very easy to make. I made one from a picture frame. I painted the back of the frame black, (so when you put it together, its as if its a black picture) and the glass as your reflective surface. Afterwards, i charged in the moonlight. You can say a prayer, or censecrate it, charge, whatever you wish.

It took me a while to be able to use it with success. Though remember, practice and concentration is key!
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Re: Scrying: Question on mirr
Post # 4
I've just been thinking about trying to pick up another form of divination again.. I was thinking about getting rid of this mirror but there's something about it... I think it might be meant to be a scrying mirror. (Long body mirror without hooks to hang it up...)
The first thought came to my mind is that it might be a bit large.

I've come across resources in the past when I've attempted scrying with smaller objects.... Most mention things smaller than this particular mirror (picture frames, pocket mirrors, etc

Thank you for your advice
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