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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Monster-in-laws

Post # 1
I have been with my boyfriend for awhile now & his family is Unbearable. His home life is very toxic. They steal his money & personal belongings, verbally abuse him & many other things. The biggest issue is that they always have a problem with me. At this point they are blaming me for burn marks on his little brother body even though i obviously was no where near him. His evil sister was actually behind it but always get her way even though there is proof & she even admitted it to my boyfriend & i. They are stressing us both out to the point we think about mutually breaking up. Even with A break up my boyfriens will still be stuck in that horrible house. I need some spells to 1. bring peace to his house 2. Get his parents to believe me & trust me 3. & to do something about about that devil he calls a sister (not asking to harm her)
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Re: Monster-in-laws
Post # 2

If you are still in school, ask the guidance counselor for help. If you are not, call the police. Verbal abuse is illegal in many countries.

You could preform a peace spell just for extra help, and consider a protection spell for anyone involved who you're worried could get hurt. Don't only do magick, though. Talk to someone about this.

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Re: Monster-in-laws
By: / Novice
Post # 3
There are some truth spells and protection spells you could try but you need to accept some people are like that and a spell can only take you so far. The only way to create permanent change is to want said change yourself. Unless your boyfriend's family want to change for their own personal reasons a spell won't do much. If you and your boyfriend are serious I would plan out a future. If you guys are 17, or even 25 with no savings, research all options and make a game plan to move as soon as possible. It won't be easy but do what's best for the both of you.
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Re: Monster-in-laws
Post # 4
I would get some no negativity spells and people protection spells on that place asap. A giant dagaz on the house and invoke no negativity for one.

A bit of unsolicited advice - don't get pulled into their drama. Be a reprieve from that and an ear to listen to him about it without being emotionally involved, and it should help attract him to you. If you're being accused of harming someone even though you didn't, don't go back into that house or even near it - they are too toxic. Being around the negative gets negative on you, cleanse yourself and do spells or carry crystals to protect you from negativity. Your boyfriend could use some too.
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