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Post # 1
I'm Jacob and I want to know if there are any paths that you'd reccomend for a person like me. First, though, I'll tell you about myself.

I am approaching college and I have recently decided to reject the Christian lifestyle I was born into 18 years ago. I left because I had a poor relationship with the Christian God. For a deity whose primary text constantly says he'll take care of his children,he allowed me to feel very alone and slip into depression too often to substantiate his claim. He didn't satisfy my needs, and he rarely satiated my desires.
Because of that lonliness, I have become very worldly. I seek cheap thrills through sexual fantasy that I hope with magic can become reality. I've abandoned a dreamy romanticism towards love that used to leave me devastated and wanting more. I hope that I can stand to regain that aspect of my life by substantiating it with real life experiences given to me by gods who care enough to help me pursue relationships. As a Christian, I so often limited myself to experiences Christianity considered "safe" and "moral", but I'm ready to break those chains.
I'm ready to scour the depths of life's next chapter and I think that witchcraft can help me to do that. I just need some guidance and I need to be pointed in the right direction.
I'm going to be studying psychology and I'm a gifted writer. I'm a musician. Success in my career is important to me. I've been told that body modification is unachievable through witchcraft, but I'd still like to explore in case it's in the realm of possibility. Also, I'd like to maybe contact a long-dead uncle.
If there is anyone who can help me, that'd be wonderful. I'm curious and eager to learn.
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Re: Hello
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Choosing a path is a very personal thing, so, unfortunately, it isn't really something anyone could recommend for you.
Just keep looking into various religions and see if you find something that suits you. And if you can't find something that fits, that's okay. Eclecticism is an option.
However, if there are any particular paths you're interested in, people may be able to give you some good sources on them.
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