Dream interpretation!

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Dream interpretation!
Post # 1
That was a crazy dream, I got a bit sad at first but then I was okay... I really wonder how did it occur, I can't wait for answers.

I was at home with my youngest brother (I have two younger brothers), in his room. He's 8 years old. He, his friend and me were in that room, his friend was also in that that dream I didn't recognize the friend of him, like a strange face, but it was his friend. Then he took a gun and shot my brother in the head and killed him. Then I took another gun and killed that friend in the same way, I shot him in the head. I think I was feeling out of control from wrath, so I may killed others too after him. In another way which I don't remember, my middle brother was killed too.

I didn't saw it, but I knew my two brothers have been cuten in pieces. I had to tell my mother..if this hapenned in reality she would kill herself, I believe she'd in a matter of days from her pain. After I told her she told me "I know" and she seemed completely calmed about this, like nothing serious has hapenned.

Next, we were on dinner. I was eating dinner and out of the blue my dead brother was in front of me! None of us realized and we acted like it was normal, like he never died! Then in a way he dissapeared and my other brother appeared. Same about him! But after a while I told him "What are you doing here, aren't you dead?!" and my whole family was wondering the same. Then my other brother appeared and he was not dead. They both told me they ressurected and my youngest brother was wearing beautiful clothes including blue; my favorite colour. My other brother on his normal stuff...

Then it's over. And I think when I woke up I was happy I killed the others who killed my brother, and my brothers were alive in a way. Thank you everyone.
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Re: Dream interpretation!
Post # 2
Correction: she'd die in a matter of days...
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Re: Dream interpretation!
Post # 3
Seem like a message, for how long have you been dreaming this?

Has it been repeated?

Thank you

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Re: Dream interpretation!
Post # 4
A message, from who?! An entity or my subconsious?? No it hasn't be repeated, but today also I may saw a dream related to murders. I do not remember the dream at all, it was like when I woke up and knew it but haven't been remembering it. I think it was about that, I don't promise.
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