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Help Please
Post # 1
A few years ago, I made the mistake of fully opening my third eye. Since then, I've been tormented by horrid visions from other realms, and I feel as though I will never again be at peace. Does anyone know how to close one's third eye? Any information you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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Re: Help Please
Post # 2
Try controlling them, make only of this realm for a start. Visions are great ability, but can scar you for life.
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Re: Help Please
Post # 3
Opening your Third Eye is not always a bad thing. Having a sight can be rewarding. Like any gift we as humanity have, they can be a strength if we exercise it and learn how to direct it. The few experiences I've had of a very open Third Eye led me to see a few disturbing things, some of which were connected to the old house I was renting at the time.

With a little bit of light personal shielding work, an "exorcism" for lack of a better term of this entity who I was made aware of that liked to creep up in my tea ceremonies, and a crystal grid, I was far more comfortable. I still have some very.....spiritual dreams shall we say, but accepting that there are disturbing things is a lesson we all learn eventually.

Opening your third eye too much can bring an imbalance, which though the obvious remedy to your distress would be to close it, but why not try to develop other weaknesses or parts of yourself to be stronger than the visions? Build yourself up to find balance rather than bring down?

The grinding I used used rail spikes (convenient because I had an old train track maybe a mile from my house) but large nails could work too. I will get the grid up later this morning when I can get my book out from my bag.
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Re: Help Please
Post # 4
You've made a very valid point there, Setzireal. But, how would I go about doing that? I have no ideas, and I'm getting desperate.
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Re: Help Please
Post # 5
Have you tried filtering what you see through the third eye by using 'sunglasses' or a two way mirror? I, too, had horrid problems with my third eye. My guardians have been a huge help in filtering out what have been bothering me, to the point where my 'sunglasses' over my third eye actually feel like they work. There are many others who I'm sure can help you.

Good luck in finding a solution!
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