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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Misconceptions

By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Greetings all I am wicca24,

I am here today to talk about a thread I have read and I am some what irritated by it. The thread in question is called "how do I go to hell?"

Right then, where to begin? Well to answer this question there is no such thing as a heaven or hell but what I do believe is that we go to a place in the middle. Well I can't definitely say there is no such thing because as it is clear, I am not dead. I do beloved we go somewhere but where I have no clue.

The misconception of a heaven and hell is derived from Christianity, therefore I belive that the churches created this idea of a hell to scare people into behaving.

But on the contrary, there may verry well be a heaven and a hell and I am being completely biased in what I belive. But just be mindful that there may verry well be a heaven and hell but it may be not what you was expecting. And as for becoming a deamon? There is no chance of that happening.


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Re: Misconceptions
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Don't you think this should be posted on the thread you are talking about, or the orignal poster is not going to know your point. What is the point in making a whole new thread, rather than adding it to the original?

I also believe that calling someones belief system a "misconception" is exceptionally rude, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, just because they are not yours does not mean that they are not right, it merely means that you do not follow their beliefs, the original poster is merely asking a question.

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Re: Misconceptions
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
May very well be a question but we are entitled to our opinions are we not? And I made this thread to talk about misconceptions
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Re: Misconceptions
Post # 4

you are correct that everyone is entitled to their own views and opinions but from what was said it seems like your post is directed to call out at the original poster of the "how to go to hell" post which if you are going to say something to someone about their beliefs it would be better put on the original thread/forum.

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Re: Misconceptions
By: / Novice
Post # 5
misconceptions or contradictions? in one sentence you state with conviction there is no heaven or hell, only for your next sentence to say you cannot say it with 100% certainty, just to loop back to there being no heaven or hell as it is merely a creation of the church [and by that logic Christians are liars not a group with different spiritual views] to finally conclude it's just your opinion on the matter. pick one.

is heaven and hell real? it's impossible to say as these realms are the result of faith and the religion that preaches these places it is 100% real to their belief. if you follow a path that does not believe in a land of eternal reward/punishment after death based on your life then no, it does not exist in your belief. there is no solid answer when it's personal belief. you can only state your personal views with conviction.

can you become a demon after death based primarily on your opinion bad deeds result in demonic reincarnation? yes and no. again, there is no solid evidence of what happens after we die [regarding the soul anyway] but demons [that is to say demon mythology] have been studied for a long time, and i'm not aware of any that came about a person doing a certain number of evil deeds. but if you believe truly wicked people are reborn demons then perhaps they can be. personally, the definition of demons i know is souls that were never human, but the theory evil souls become demons makes some sense. tales of how demons came to be are rather vast, so maybe there is a way to do enough 'evil' to become a demon [of course, evil is societal, so if society deems lying, theft and murder 'evil' you can as well, but you could always argue a way for those things to be good. protection for example, to help your starving family for another.]
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Re: Misconceptions
Post # 6
Misconceptions...that was rude. You may were irritated by it, but others and me are much more irritated by this. It's a matter of belief, Cleary. You may not believe in Hell of Heaven, but he, me and other people do believe. It wasn't necessary to post this, you're just not behaving well towards this man and you decrease him. And as far as becoming a Demon? It's Very, very possible...
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