Disrupting a spell

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Disrupting a spell
Post # 1
Hi (: Today is the Strawberry moon and I casted a spell for my ex to think about me.
It said I had to wait until the candles burnt themselves out but I had no time to wait for them to and I had to blow them out myself.
I was wondering, is that ok? Will I be harmed, or will something go wrong now that I disrupted the spell?
Also will I be able to cast it again in a few hours when I return home?
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Re: Disrupting a spell
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

In all likelihood, since you didn't permit the spell to complete itself, the spell did not and will not work. I'd suggest doing it over again when you have the time to finish it properly.

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Re: Disrupting a spell
By: / Novice
Post # 3
i agree with Lark, you didn't complete the spell therefore the spell wasn't cast. you can try again [though if you're casting by the moon phase i would wait until after the new moon] but try and prepare better for your next casting. personally, when i cast spells where the candle needs to burn out, i use tea lights [tiny candles that usually last 30 minutes or less] so i don't run the risk of loosing focus. if you have larger candles and feel they're taking too long to burn out, you can snuff the flame and recast the next night, and the next, until the candles are done burning. this would increase the spells energy, but at the same time i would leave the candles out on your altar undisturbed until the spell is complete so if you do not have a permanent altar this too could be tricky.
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