Writing a Grimoire

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Forums -> General Info -> Writing a Grimoire

Writing a Grimoire
Post # 1
Any advice on writing my first Grimoire. As of now I've just been logging spells and rituals in Microsoft word, but I want something a bit more personal to use. I've read a bunch of articles so far, but would like to see what you all thought, and the easiest course to go about writing a Grimoire.


- Kevin
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Re: Writing a Grimoire
By: / Novice
Post # 2

A grimoire traditionally is simply a book used to note down your magickal practices and results. How you go about it is up to you.

You could start with a greetings page and then a few pages for a contents, before simply writing what you are learning at that time.

Some people are more methodic and write up their grimoire all at once, collecting information over many years to write it up in blocks of related practices. While others just throw in information as and when they see fit.

A grimioire is like a magickal diary, it is very personal to you.

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Re: Writing a Grimoire
Post # 3
Thank you very much. I just got a new journal today, so Ima start collecting spells that have worked for me, and new ones.
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Re: Writing a Grimoire
Post # 4
First of all, "Sm0r3s" makes me want them right now....


My grimoire is literally an old journal my parents got me for christmas one year that has a nice fold-over magnetic clasp to keep it shut, it has journaled dreams, emotional fluxes (basically "dear diary"), sacred geometry practices and drawings, herbal and kitchen recipes, actual accounts from rituals or spells (and their constituent parts for working), and a collection of scrap papers of notes.

It's literally my all in one that I'm working on making a hand-bound book just to have the volume of workspace to glue the scraps of paper i've added to make it fit!

Plus, admit it, making a book by hand sounds cool! But a grimoire is literally just that: a bit of everything for YOU.
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Re: Writing a Grimoire
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Kevin, my advice comes from advice of many much older and wiser than myself. Pages that include your letters, and personal information of spells, and even great moments of spirituality are best described by the creator. Even if its scrap paper, word, or even a personal Grimoire will only hold meaning if its creator deems fit. Write what you will, what you can, and what you deem is fit. The universe is so huge, worlds above and below us have never met your mind, the mind that can achieve what it wants. Store your experience, store your mind in paper or word documents. This is left to you and i hope you the best
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Re: Writing a Grimoire
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6

Grimoire: Traditionally, a Magical Textbook (Created through mass publication, examples such as Grimoirum Verum, Keys of Solomon etc) - only used as a term for 'Personal Book' by those who do not follow Wicca or do not want to call their book a Book of Shadows.

So, technically for all intensive purposes, personal books of Magic aren't Grimioires, however, the definition has evolved to accomodate the latter.

For Personal Books, you can put whatever you like in it, and in any format you choose - personally I prefer an actual physical book as opposed to a digital copy.

Easiest way? Do it in note form first, copy and paste some text or such or type in what you have learnt and add personal notes from your understandings, then as you progress through your work, you can start to write it in a more formal matter.

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Re: Writing a Grimoire
By: / Novice
Post # 7
well it all comes down to you. my first Book of Shadows was all spells and nothing else. from there's i've made only of only rituals, a Dragon Magick Grimoire, and a personal journal i keep for meditation sessions, rituals, and various spiritual musings. so really go with your gut.

i'm obsessed with order, so i always write a table of contents. this can be tricky if you have a bound book, so maybe try a 3 ring binder or word program until you feel satisfied with the order. [i also try and leave a few extra pages in certain sections i know i'll be adding to] some people also included a dedication on the first page, which is again, optional. you can include any number of things that work for your path such as:

  • astrology, star charts and lunar phases

  • chakras

  • definitions

  • divination

  • dreams and interpretations

  • herbs and uses

  • incense recipes

  • meditations and visions

  • prayers and chants

  • rituals

  • spells

  • zodiac

  • you can also decorate your grimoire however you see fit, with sketches, colours, ribbons, feathers, even dried herbs, whatever you feel you wish to add to your grimoire go for it.
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    Re: Writing a Grimoire
    Post # 8
    I've been organizing sections over the past couple of days. I'll keep everyone updated. Today I'll be making the pages and adding content. I think I have a good basis on how I'm starting it, and the content I'm adding for my use.
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