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book/articles to start
Post # 1
Hi, I'm new to Magick and I'm keen to develop it but I strongly feel that I need a good foundation of knowledge first. I would be grateful for suggestions regarding books/articles/websites that you feel have helped you a lot when you first started out.
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Re: book/articles to start
Post # 2
Hello Kilo. First magic isn't an exact science, it's an art, so developing magic is more developing ones personal experience and expression of your own self and powers of expression in many ways. Going through spells as if they are recipes and expecting results is Hollywood sorcery, not actual life. It's not baking a cake, though I do have a collection of magical recipes like hazelnut bread I'm happy to share!

That being said (disclaimer ending) I have not read the book yet myself, but "Drawing Down the Moon" by Margot Adler is aparently a wonderful read and details witchcraft and Wicca as a religion, art, practice, and lifestyle.

Scott Cunningham is a reputable author when it comes to resources on the craft, such as his encyclopedia of herbs, or gems and metals.

I have read through some of "To ride a silver broomstick", and though it was authored to a more teenage audience, it is not entirely without credibility and can be useful.

Regarding sole mental and psychic information, and some exercises and techniques, Dion Fortune's "psychic self defense" is a good read, as is Henry Agrippa's "Of Geomancy" if you're interested in divination techniques.
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Re: book/articles to start
Post # 3
Thanks for the advice and suggestions bro.
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Re: book/articles to start
Post # 4
It depends on which aspect you'd like to study.
I personally started out researching in the internet when I was in about 6th grade. The two sites that stuck out to me were SoM and Everything Under The Moon.

I did a lot of Google searches too.

Is there a specific aspect you're looking to learn?

I know I've seen a book called "Natural Witchery " at my local library and skimmed it but I can't recall who the author was...

I found Linda Goodman's, "Star Signs" to be a great read and feel that it helped me along my path, it covers a few occult theories and gives some good food for thought as well.

Scott Cunningham is on my list of books to read.

Have you tried your local library yet?

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Re: book/articles to start
Post # 5
As I'm currently residing in a Muslim developing country for the summer, I'd say it unlikely that my local library will help me. However, I will definitely look up on your suggestions and your reply made me realise that I should pick a choice on what I want to start with rather than being confused with the overwhelming amount of choices. Thanks :D.
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Re: book/articles to start
Post # 6
In my experience,just get your hands on something.eventually,something will come along that will catch your interest.
For me it was Scott Cunningham's 'encyclopedia of CRYSTAL,GEM & METAL MAGIC'caught my eyes.when something else in the book caught my interest,i would check it out on the internet.and I would check the bibliography out.and buy books accordingly.and then that book would have topics that interested me.and so on and so on.
A mentor told me to read,read,and read.knowledge is will give you insite and awareness.and hopefully direction.

I hope this helps you more than confuses you.
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Re: book/articles to start
Post # 7
If your interested in the example to read would be BUCKLAND's COMPLETE BOOK OF WITCHCRAFT
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