Love VS binding spells

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> Love VS binding spells

Love VS binding spells
Post # 1
What's the difference between a love spell and another love spell that works in a binding way? I saw a thread about a love spell and people were claiming it's a binding spell, but what's the difference?
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Re: Love VS binding spells
By: / Novice
Post # 2
They are different but equal in a way.

Love spells make a person have unreal feelings for you. It creates an illusion on a persons mind and makes them attracted to you.

A binding-love spell will bind a person to you. Per example, if you are in a relationship and cast such a spell, your partner won't be able to leave you even if he wants too. He/she just won't simply know why they can not leave.

But deep down they both " chain " a person to you.
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Re: Love VS binding spells
By: / Novice
Post # 3

From my view, love spells do not create anything; they only nourish what's already there, like any other form of magic. I honestly don't believe in the effectiveness of love spells to an extreme degree. I recognize some write and cast them, but I don't believe in their effectiveness, it would be rather scary and disturbing if they were like fiction.

Love spells do come in many forms, as I believe Asatru was trying to illustrate. There are some love spells that are gentler, some for passion, commitment, friendship, etc. There are even love spells written and made as a sort of "love me or die" scenario.

They're both love spells, but are seeking different things.

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Re: Love VS binding spells
Post # 4
I love hearing about peoples views on Love and Binding spells. Does anyone have any working Love/Binding spells that they could send me? Thanks
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