Site Perverts? Fakes!

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Site Perverts? Fakes!
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Site Perverts? Fakes!
Post # 1
Hey guys!
I just wanted to start a little thread here mainly for the girls of this site. I regulary get messages such as "hey baby how r u" or "hi sexy". Do you? Are you sick of it?
Look. I speak for majority of the girls here, and i have one word of advice to the people who do this.
I mean yes, i know we can just ignore it but honestly, this is a site for magick, not TINDER! Haha. It really is just a burdon, if you want to talk with someone, why not start the conversation about something site related and get a conversation rolling? That is much more appropriate, right?
Sorry for the rant. I just thought it needed to be said. :)
Have a nice day!

Re: Site Perverts? Fakes!
Post # 2
Why not just block them or say no fliring in your profile? Both are way mor effective.

Re: Site Perverts? Fakes!
Post # 3
I do mention that i don't want it on my profile, it's just constant and i know others on this site are sick of it too. :)

Re: Site Perverts? Fakes!
Post # 4
Completely agree. Its just plain annoying. Like guys if we wanted to flirt We'd be on a dating site, so go check out one and leave people on here alone.

Re: Site Perverts? Fakes!
Post # 5
I totally agree things like that are uncalled for

Re: Site Perverts? Fakes!
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
If you are being harassed please inform us Mods. We are very opposed to the women (and men) of this site being treated in such a fashion.

Re: Site Perverts? Fakes!
Post # 7
Little advice - do not post picture.
Teens think different than adults. So think about this thing.
If there are many believers in becoming into personages of cartoons, then what you can expect ?
Werevolfs, demons, gods.......

Re: Site Perverts? Fakes!
Post # 8
@PinkPepsi It was a good thing you said something about this. It's been said many times that this is a learning site and not a dating site. Some people just don't care and won't follow rules.
There is a 'block' or 'ignore' option to click to prevent messages from a user if it gets to that point.
Like any other website, there will be people that won't follow rules, there will be people that invade your privacy and will offend you in some way, and there will be people that will not stop bothering you until they get what they want.
Yes, this 'online dating' thing that's been going on has been getting annoying and for sure you're not the only one.
The only thing that you can do if you get those messages is (if they continue sending you messages) is simply say "Can you please stop?" and if they don't quit then you have that right to block the user. If the messages are harassing and/or inappropriate then block the user, save the messages and put them in your main folder and send a message to @Petrarca regarding the subject.
Those that send flirty messages can stop, there's no reason for it. It's immature and if they really want to have a online relationship, find a site that has those intentions.
Blessed be.

Re: Site Perverts? Fakes!
By: / Beginner
Post # 9
Its not just boys that flirt its also girls. And why would you flirt over the internet, common I could be a 54 year old man flirting back.

Pink just add rules to your bio to scare them away, it always works.

Re: Site Perverts? Fakes!
Post # 10
I want to be able to post my picture and not have to cover myself up because some guy wants to be a predator.

Honestly? Guys post pictures of themselves.

Why shouldn't I?

I should be able to post a picture of my face, and not be seen as a sexual object.

Don't tell girls to not post pics because the big strong guys will say something.

We're all equals, so let's try to refrain from double standards.

I have on my profile that I do not tolerate flirting, and I am in a relationship.

They still try.

And yes, it gets very annoying.

Girls can be just as guilty of this.

It seems that anymore anyone remotely attractive in any way cannot focus on any website for 2 split seconds without having to cover up their identity.

This is ridiculous.

I've met plenty of attractive guys, and girls.

I can keep it to myself.

We're all here to learn, and this isn't a dating site.

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