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A block
Post # 1
Sometimes I get randomly at vibrational state, from that point I try to seperate but I can't. No matter how hard I try I feel my astral body as stucked/glued and I never seperate. Is this a chakra issue? What should I do?
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Re: A block
Post # 2
From what I can tell it sounds like you have not completely cleared your mind. It is easier to project while in a dream state because your mind is not working to think of anything but what you need to remember is that a sound soul comes from a sound mind and a sound body
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Re: A block
Post # 3
I didn't understand the sound thing... I've been taking a break from AP since the start of the year, I'm not ready to go back in. But sometimes I get vibrations out of nowhere that's why I cannot get in a dream state, my only chance to seperate is through that. And I haven't practise LD at all.
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Re: A block
Post # 4
Also, when I try to seperate I think and focus on nothing except that, really. I do my best to seperate, I focus fully on that only. But no success.
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Re: A block
Post # 5
Tell me my son! Are you Robert Bruce energy exercises you have done?Do you have cleared your chakras?

The following tips may help you
When it comes to reaching the vibrational state it is important that you start by moving the energies slowly, trying to make sure that the energy flows through every chakra, every area of your energy body, and through every cell of your physical body. If you feel that there is an area that you have less sensation of energies, or that the energies move around that area, or any type of energy concentration or blockage, you try to focus on those areas, applying more of your will power to push those energies through until you unblock all areas of your energosoma.

Once you feel the energies flowing evenly throughout the body, you can increase the amount of energies that you are moving up and down, in order to make the flow of energies more intense. Next, you can work on increasing the frequency of this movement of energies gradually, until you reach a point where you trigger the vibrational state.

Good luck and God protect you

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