Pig's feet

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Pig's feet
Post # 1
So, i've recently been practicing on Voodoo, Hoodoo, etc.

And i was wondering, are Pig's feet a bad omen when it comes to black magic Voodoo?

It made me think about Chickens feet too. Are those bad omens? Or are they the opposite?
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Re: Pig's feet
Post # 2
Chicken feet is used for protection and cleansing, sometimes used for cursing.
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Re: Pig's feet
Post # 3
I don't think it's necessary an omen. I think its all based upon how you view it. Its you're choice if you want to associate it with something good or bad. Owls for example, some cultures associated owls with wisdom, other cultures associate it with death.
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Re: Pig's feet
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Vodou from Misc Topics.
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Re: Pig's feet
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Vodou is not black magic as vodou does have both sides a good and bad like everything in life. Vodou is a strict tradition that is based on knowledge and most important relationships. In vodou the owl is seen as one of the animal of a Lwa that I know of which is Marinette a very fierce and very hot petwo Lwa altough allot of people think she is extremely evil but she is misunderstood like many other Lwas in Nation Petwo like Kalfou,Ge Rouge,Danto and more. I have heard that owl sometimes are djabs. Hoodoo is also a tradition but not a religion. Although Hoodoo is a magical system that is mixed with many other systems of magic and practice like native american,european and more. In Vodou workings are done but these are serious and not for entertainment. People who really need help like for their health and so in Vodou they are treated. Chickens feet in Hoodoo are used for protection and clearing away negativity I have nit heard of it being used for curses. I hope this helps clear some things blessings.
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