Is Dreams a good sign?

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Is Dreams a good sign?
Post # 1
A few weeks ago I had a spell caster cast a break up spell on the man that I love and his current girlfriend and than another spell to win his heart. The spell caster had a friend who is a very powerful witch teamed up with them and together they casted the spell for me. when I got the email from the spell caster that the spell was successfully casted. I felt a strong, positive feeling that the spell was going to work but also at the same time I felt this beautiful feeling of love! The spell is suppose to start working today for the next 3 weeks but last night I had a dream.

My dream: The man that I had the love spell casted on invited me to his meeting so I went. While I was in the waiting room he had came to me and sat down beside me. He gave me his contact information such as his website, email address and cellphone number. Moments later some members of his staff walked me to the front seat where I can be closer to him and where he could see me. After the meeting I traveled back to my home town and while I was on my way to my house by foot I saw him ahead of me looking straight at me with a smile and he happily said my name. I had a blanket in my purse and I took it out and spread it on the ground and I sat down and he sat down beside me with his arms around my waist and his chin on my left shoulder and he said "I love you" and than my name.

When I woke up, I had this happy and very positive feeling. Plus I had a strong feeling in my heart! I looked out seeing how beautiful the weather is.

Could this dream be telling me that the spell that was casted for me on to him is already starting to work the day before the actual day that is was suppose to start working?

A week ago my spell caster emailed me telling me that I had this dark could over me and that they were afraid that it would weaken the spell so I am doing the Lords Prayer 2 times a day and it has been working really well. I think the prayer has chased away that dark cloud because every day when I wake up, I feel happy.

This is what my spell caster said to me in their email to me about the dark cloud:

It has come to my attention that you have a dark cloud of energy around you that will hinder the spell from connecting with your subconscious mind. Even if the spell would be able to penetrate this negativity, it's certain to weaken the spell so much I fear it might even turn back on you and make the situation, you wanted to deal with, worse!

Like I said, I used the Lords Prayer from the bible to chase away this dark cloud. I have had many people that I know in person tell me that I have a very unique Aura that is pure and holy. I also have been told that Evil fear me as well because of my Aura. One person saw the black cloud try to get in me but is not winning.
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Re: Is Dreams a good sign?
Post # 2

Did you have to pay anything to this "witch"?

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Re: Is Dreams a good sign?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
well i hope you didn't pay them, no one can claim a spell was 'successfully cast' immediately after casting. you might of done all the steps correctly, but it's not successful until you get results of some kind. [granted, you can't prove or disprove if they really cast or merely said they did, but most 'professional casters' you meet online don't really cast] the strong, positive feeling might of been the energy from the spell, but it could also be yourself subconsciously thinking it worked, and feeling positive because you have hope you'll be with this guy. [of course the placebo effect can be a powerful thing so you could still work with it, i just hope you didn't get scammed]

your dream. first off, it's the first night the spell is suppose to work, you've been thinking about him falling in love with you, so your mind is fixated on him, ergo it makes sense if your waking mind is focused on something, your sleeping mind would too. [also, do you actually know this person in real life or is he some internet celebrity you're a fan of. if the ladder it's another point in the 'scam spell caster' category. spells effect energy, love spells make the person notice you, be drawn to you, and if they have any feelings for you focus on them. they're not permanent or work miracles. if you don't know the person it won't matter]

and all the rest of the stuff about a dark cloud and the lords prayer further screams scam to me. why the lords prayer? it only works if you believe in it. why does a dark cloud follow you?
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