Mask presence

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Mask presence
Post # 1
I've learned that some people are psychic and or are witchest or warlocks have a tendency to feel where people are and stuff ... for example I was in an auditorium talking to a group of people but when this one lady came into the room I could feel and sense her presence as soon as she arrived and knew right away that this must be an acceptional witch to have done that because I can usually feel them a block away... and just like that our two energy wavelengths converged drawing both our eye at the same time...I smiled as she walked on precariously. ... after getting a feel and a tuning to her energy I was talking when I felt it just disappear... I looked around looking for her but could not ... that's when I heard her laugh she was right behind me...people said she was following me but I couldn't see her even though she was right in front of my eyes... I grew a little jealous but I loved her all the more for it...
1: start by thinking that you are hiding or are hidden from view or magical atunement...
2: optional make your presence known.
3: stalk your prey walk slowly and diligently around the target ... some even use love charms and magic at this point... but remain hidden even if they are right in front of you...just think invisible. ... all the while charming them or what not.
4: go for the figuritively speech in of course...surprise them with a sweet hello if you might...and further more you can charge the palms of your hands with a burning love spell
... this is done by making your hands a little more hotter than usual and filling that feeling of heat with utmost love...this is usually a sure fire way to get a quick charm under your belt...
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Re: Mask presence
Post # 2
This is a really cool article! I will definitely try it!
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Re: Mask presence
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Spell Suggestions from Site Spells Discussion.
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