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Post # 1
What savings I had from when my husband gave money gone wasted on fakes or things not at all worked charms medallions or spells. My story in shortest version:
"I have been trying to save my marriage I even trusted a spiritual healer that she promised results and I have her all I had even in debt now cause of her have her lump sum and have not heard from her ever since I have no more to pay out and I tried spells of my own but they semi worked some even seem to show as if good was battling evil he been putting out on him to hate me and break up our marriage their are influences that are making him do this he seems to have selfishness, unforgiving and blames me for the way I acted to his unfaithfulness among other out of character of who he always was... Also the way he acted towards me changed in one week one Oct 2015 before, Also, he getting worse and more hateful towards me. I know there is one or more putting spells on him to act out of his normal character he not this hateful or evil by nature and always forgiving and takes blame and understanding....I really need help that works but as I said I have nothing left I pray to Hod being Christian but am not close minded I know other stuff works if people are real not fakes to steal money which one did to me and others before her I feel alone I can't beat what someone is doing to break up My marriage....please help need answers who can see the source and honestly on what can be done."
I am at a loss and he worse than ever he don't eat my food, he doesn't want me doing anything for him, he doesn't want me touching him, he definitely ignores me and he selfish only cares about his happiness and he has female(s) found family law list today and never know when he may file for divorce which can't happen and encouragement of influences of his mom and outsiders he friends with talking to him about divorce and all that. I know he my soulmate and someone or more than one has caused him not change his nature and who he use to believe, he doesn't even want to step foot into room I sleep we sleep separate rooms he talks about getting Apt since I don't leave his parents house all areas of my life going in ruins too but want to save my marriage and get my husband back but faithful. Find all needs to go sour on him as long as it doesn't effect me and my kids. What to do all has failed. Also for got to mention that my dad ex mistress since 1987 she been casting stuff on my mom when alive, and me, a lawyer I come in contact helping a neighbor out with her eviction and his occult in nevada city California in one week saying to me if I didn't shut up he make my life hell then week later my husband changes towards me and worsen ever since, then there coworkers he works with and his mom and this couple he hangs with all the time, and one of the girls he messages He cheated with may still be he blocked me from his Facebook, his cell can't text or call him so lot of evil intent from different areas, I also message this girl and after I message her I start to feel a tingling sensations in my head shoulders. I have a third eye so sense things my intuitions never wrong about things someone and situations. So know they are doing this. I can see evil but definitely sense it. What can I do no money to pay for help, materials, nothing, and fake and identity the try to get my info who claim will help for free. Just want my husband back faithful, devoted so in love with me as he was before his change happen in one week time has worsen over time and just to save our marriage. Nothing works even little since April his birthday day month he a Taurus.
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Re: Help......
Post # 2
Look I know I don't know you and it sounds like you really would do anything to save your marriage, but sometimes if we live too hard we tend to push away the people we are trying so hard to hold on to. Just from reading your post I feel like your life is consumed by trying to hold on to someone that has already let go even if by magic. I will tell you from my own experience that you will only truely be happy when you let go and move on with your life because no one deserves to live like that and the fact that there is children involved only makes it worse. Show your children that you can be strong and move on with your life. Take a walk, do spells to make your sprit stronger, just live free and live for your children for awhile and happiness will find you again. Blessed be I wish you luck
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