How to do Magick Question

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How to do Magick Question
Post # 1
Hey I have been studying magick for a while now and the only way I was taught to do magick was visualization, meditation and energy work. I want to learn a new way to practice magick, a way that is just special to me. What are some other methods to practice magick? I am trying to figure out a way to do so without meditation and visualization. Anyone got any ideas. I know witches of old must of not used this stuff, I just know it. Thank you bye
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Re: How to do Magick Question
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Well, here's the thing. You will still use those ideas in different ways.

When I was a Christian Witch, the way I practiced meditation was to recite the rosary as a form of mantra. I still do the same thing now with different Gods. There are many different ways to practice meditation or something similar, but the one most often talked about is more secular.

Visualization is a good skill to have no matter the practice, it's good for mundane reasons just like meditation.

"Energy" is a whole 'nother ball game (and post). But it's still useful to have some different ideas behind it.

Those are in essence some of the "basics" (and some have basics to them). They are ground work that can be used in a multitude of practices. But there's the thing. "Where do you go from the ground floor? What's best for me? What should I practice past this?"

The answer will vary for people. Magic isn't all about meditation, visualization, and energy work. There's a style to every person's magical practice. And you have to decide how you want to color and shape your particular brand.

Personally, my brand of witchcraft has heavily relied on spirit work. My "basics" here were understanding how to build a space, keep a space, "listening", and how to provide service to the spirits. I still use those practices discussed before. Meditation is my time focused solely on the spirit. Visualization helps me get a vague idea of the spirit, and sometimes, looking at there life they lived (a form of devotional activity). "Energy" work could be argued in the entire process, but I suppose it would be best seen in spiritual workings which involve them; they give aid in things I attempt.

You do not have to stick to a particular path to the "T", none of us do. We may start with a tradition, say hoodoo, but we always have our own style to things. No witch stirs the cauldron the same. Research history, research lore, research actual historical and modern practice, do your homework (empirical). Those things will color YOUR correspondences, YOUR basics, and YOUR daily practice.

So ask yourself, what is MY craft?

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Re: How to do Magick Question
Post # 3
In my opinion the methods you are using are extremely effective. You said you wanted to learn to do magick in a way that was special to you. Well, the only real way to do that is to experiment and see what you like. Over time, you'll pick up more and more skill with magick and you will essentially create your own "style."
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Re: How to do Magick Question
By: / Novice
Post # 4
well any form of spell casting requires focus and energy, so you still need to know that, but you don't need to be as formal as some claim. casting a circle is nice, but not necessary, nor is meditating before a spell [that's just to help you clear your mind and focus] kitchen witchcraft for example, the items you use are chosen with their magickal properties in mind, and you cook mindfully [like stir clockwise, or reflect on what energy you're trying to bring] you don't really need a chant, meditation, visualisation or a circle, but you will be working with energy and focusing on what you are doing. remember, no energy = no magick.
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Re: How to do Magick Question
Post # 5
one method I try to use is visualize while speaking with passion in a varied form like using for example with a love spell such as attracting ones other flame "two flames as one though separate shall retain themselves in unity apart but together once again upon a swift change of fate that shall bring two souls apart to souls together to be renewed again by their union in one love so mote it be" tah affa ahotasa sasartaiua batoau
asakofa tasba tasa tatabara batu ieolsomib then visualize the desire pretty much with channeling energy from the mind and expressing it into the world through verbal means as an external application with first taking in the breath which would be the energy channeling it out through the words and shaping it with the mind. a more advanced thing I tend to do is do the same thing but with visualizing and entering a theta state but involving being in the inner temple used in shamanisim while saying the phrase without much thought but more so balanced thought between the inner temple and the outer material world in a meditative way more so but also a spoken way but more so in the visualized flower state
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Re: How to do Magick Question
Post # 6
Since i follow all gods i can do multiple things, but one method that i love doing is energy work with spells.
I like to use energy for a thing like summoning the sun so it will be warm and shinny all day, but the thing is if you do reverse it will be hot for a couple weeks. And i know this because i did it during the winter and well it was very warm and sunny.
Try something like i said summoning the sun. Conjuring storms and or attract them from another place. Make a seal with energy to attract a storm, takes practice but you will get it in time. Things like that. Be creative.
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