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Post # 1
Hi I am needing advice on what to do. Me and a couple of roommates have been experiencing some weird things going on around of our apartment. We just moved in a month ago and have been noticing that something have been moved and put back. For an example we got home one day and did not see the vacuum where we left it so we didn't think anything of it because we just assumed we moved it and didn't realize it. So we left and came back and it was where we originally left it which is right by the front door. We have noticed some weird noises at night and some stuff ending up in wierd places along with our computers being messed with while we are awake or sleeping. I was wantigg to know if there is a way for us to find out what the being wants and how to get rid of it.
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Re: Haunting
Post # 2
That sounds scary af.
Set up a security camera in the rooms this stuff is happening in, it could be your roomate playing a prank.
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Re: Haunting
Post # 3
This has happen to me too. There are many ways you can get rid of a spirit.

What i did and recommend you doing is:

1st- You need to rule out that it's not a person that's doing that.

2nd- IF you are 100% sure this is a spiritual problem then do as followed:

Step 1: Cleanse yourself, your roommate and your home. You can use sage to do that, you can use chants, whatever is in your power, use it.

Step 2: Cast a protection spell over your home to make sure no bad spirits enter it.

Step 3: If you do not want to cast anything or don't have ingredients whatsoever, put salt on your windows and doors.

If after all this the spirit comes back shortly after ( 1-4 months ) or doesn't get out of your home at all, then maybe you should banish it. You can do the Lesser Banishment Of The Pentagram or even find another spell/ritual.

However, if the situation get's worse ( You feel touches, wake up scratched/bruised etc.. ) You should either:

- Seek help, from a priest at a church nearby. I think he can and would bless your house. That's a good way to get rid of bad spirits.

- If nothing works ( It will be super odd if it doesn't ) then move out of the house. It's the last mesure to take for you to be safe.
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