Crystals/Gem meanings

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Crystals/Gem meanings
Post # 1
Hello everyone! I had a simple question which everyone is allowed to share an opinion on. So, i've read up a lot on different websites but nowadays theres not many that are reliable. So, i just wanted to know what the different crystal meanings are for amethyst, obsidian, flourite, opalite, etc. So many people say such different things its hard to keep up. Thank you! Blessed be
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Re: Crystals/Gem meanings
Post # 2
There are many websites that answer your question.

Just Google it.
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Re: Crystals/Gem meanings
Post # 3
A lot of people have their own meanings behind what a mineral can do. Their is no right or wrong answer for these meanings, sometimes people who write their own meanings have done so through their own practice and working with that mineral, so they share it with others to help them. Everyone has a different experience with minerals and sometimes a mineral will do something that a book or article doesn't say. When you get a stone or crystal and after you cleanse and charge it is to meditate with it or even carry a stone with you and see how it makes you feel. Practice holding it and seeing if you can sense the energy of the mineral, you can hold it to a certain chakra and see if you can feel a change or feel energy that way too. Or go by color, if you really want a way to use a mineral for healing and don't know where to start try using it by color, like if you are working on helping heal problems with your heart or circulatory system try using green or pink minerals that correspond to the heart chakra. And always remember your intention you put into any mineral is the best way to utilize it's energies for your highest good. If one mineral doesn't seem to be working for you, try another until you find your perfect match. I would give you some basic meanings for the ones you've listed but my way isn't the only way. I know it's not exactly what you've asked in your post but I hope this helps give you some tips!
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