Grounding VS centering

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Grounding VS centering
Post # 1
I always had trouble understanding the difference between grounding and centering, even though I've read a few articles. The last I read was Lark's article, I found it very informative. English is not my mother tongue but I don't think this is the reason I don't understand the difference.

From what I understood, grounding connects us to the earth-to the physical plane. Earth is a source of amazingly large amount of psychic energy...grounding helps us in establishing a connection with it and also balance ourselves and focus more, with no having other thoughts disturbing us. From what I got abot centering, it helps us in "focus on the moment" thing or something similar.. It helps us focus and not let our mind wonder (this is what meditation does, right?) etc.

Then what's the difference I don't understand...? Both help us focus to the intent, just in different ways. Also, why do we have to center since meditation helps us focus? Another thing I don't understand is why these both always go together before a magic practise..and this practise usually ends with grounding.

Thanks everyone for your answers, any help is appreciated.
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Re: Grounding VS centering
By: / Novice
Post # 2

For me centering has always been the focussing and gathering of energy, before you proceed to ground it, while grounding is where you connect your energy with that of the Earth.

This is most probably wrong, but it is what I had always known the two as.

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Re: Grounding VS centering
Post # 3
So in spells, we use our energy and also energy from earth in order to have netter results? That's why we ground?
While we center in order to be focused during the spell?
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Re: Grounding VS centering
By: / Novice
Post # 4

Any time we are putting out energy we are losing it, that's why if you don't center and ground before a spell you often feel drained.

The Earth is full is neutral energy that we can draw on when we need it, like during spells and rituals, so we centre in order to focus our energy and then ground in order to connect our energy with that of the Earths. Grounding won't necessarily make your work better, but it can help give an energy boost, and will stop you from feeling strange after you lose energy.

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Re: Grounding VS centering
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

The difference as I was taught is tha:t

Grounding helps us connect to the Earth beneath us and to the rest of Creation. It is both a way of connecting us to an energy source for our workings and a way to become more stable in our emotions and our thoughts. Think of it a bit like a warrior standing with his feet apart so it is more difficult to knock him over and so it gives more power to the swing of his sword.

Centering helps us be in the moment. We used to say :" Be right here. be right now ". It helps you let go of all of the day to day thoughts and emotions that might distract you from your magical or spiritual purposes. Unlike meditation Centering does not require that you let go of all thoughts and feelings, just that you limit those thoughts and feelings to the specific purpose you have in mind, whether that be a spell you are getting ready to cast or a ritual you are about to conduct. To go back to the image of that swordsman, Centering is very similar to the concept in martial arts of " finding your Ki ". A swordsman would want his entire concentration on his sword and the opponent he faces.

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Re: Grounding VS centering
Post # 6
Thanks for answers! So essentialy grounding helps us to connect with the Creation and Earth and makes us have a balanced and a stablished emotional state, while centering helps us "focus on the present"..not on a particular subject like meditation achieves but just "on the present", of any hour, on the present. So if we center everyday it helps us being focus "on the present", any time of the day.

But Lark, wouldn't what the swordman does be considered meditation? Because he gets away all his thoughts and focuses on his sword and opponent. I suppose it can be considered centering too since he focuses "on the present".

But Rikki, you said centering helps us focus our energy in order to ground, but why isn't that considered meditation, since we focus on a particular thing while trying to not think of anything else?

And something else, an individual is able to perform either grounding either meditation before a ritual, right? Because with meditation we focus on a particular thing...while centering focus us "on the present". Lastly, can centering be done before meditation-in order to help us meditate?
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Re: Grounding VS centering
By: / Novice
Post # 7

Meditation is all about letting go of the here and now allowing youself to reach a state of calm, but you can't do anything else while you are meditating.

Centering gathers yourself and your energy despite having thoughts about the here and now, it allows us to gather our energy together, preparing us for ritual/spell/life, etc.

Meditation, although useful is not something everyone can do easily, or has the time to do, centering however is something that most people can do quite easily, although meditation can be done before ritual work or in everyday life, centering is something more commonly done before casting quickly.

They both have their pros and cons but it's important to remember that meditation isn't an answer for everything.

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Re: Grounding VS centering
Post # 8
Asatru it seems your posts confused me a bit more, but I got your point about "full feet standing" in martial arts... With full feet standing we are stable, focused and so on. And about centering..well if you have the right technique on martial arts-even with no strentgh, the hit gets very strong, so essentially with centering we gather our whole energy... I am not so confused about your first answer, more on your last answer, but it's okay...

Rikki thanks, that made me understand. Meditation helps in reaching relaxation but nothing more. Centering helps us gathering our whole energy together...
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