I want to create a love s

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I want to create a love s
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Firstly this spell requires magical ink of any color 5 white candles or pink. Rocks charged with love and attraction spells a 2 crystals a mirror and water infused with rose petals...and love makeup if you are a girl but if you're a guy that wears it power to you.
In the magical ink choose a color and prick yourself with needle to get a drop of blood to infuse with it along with something from the person you want to put under.
To charge the stones chant any love spell you may know already to charge them up also dip them into a rosewater mix that is similarly charged to add more power and when this is done gather your stones or pebbles and toss them by the house of your love and recant the spell before leaving.
As for the two crystals quartz will do and know this it's called a linking spell which links two things to become more close as to even get a 6th sense when someone is near care it with a linking spell and top on a love and attraction spell and hide it by or in the house of your love or crush the other is for yourself either keep it on you or somewhere very safe.
Fresh roses and water heat them up into a tea like mix while another love spell is canted and splash onto when cooled whatever you want to jinx or onto the person directly to add the overall affect of the entire spell.
Simply look into the mirror and say the persons name and say a love spell or two and you can even give you self a empowerment spell.
All charging spells are more effective during a full moon use your candles to charge the items asked of also place them in front of the mirror you will be using.also offer the love gods red wine to have good luck and
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