Does it works??

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Does it works??

Does it works??
Post # 1
If I Worship God Anubis Will he grant my any wish??
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Re: Does it works??
By: / Novice
Post # 2

No he won't, why? Because that is not what worshiping a deity is about, it is not for your own personal gain.

Ask yourself...why would a God or Goddess want to grant you your every desire?
I can't think of any good reason.

Worshiping a deity is about give and take, it is an experience all of it's own and is worth much more than anything you hope to get out of them.

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Re: Does it works??
Post # 3
That depends on Anubis. Deities have free will and they're able choose weather they'll make your desires come true or not. I'm not sure about the "every wish" part...

Worshiping is not about to get what you want, it's moraly wrong. Worshiping shows a close relationship between a Deity and a human and the human wants to show that..the Deities will appreciate it (maybe not all of them...). If you worship a God for the teachnical part, which means worshiping them just to grant your wishes with no true emotions they'll be aware of that and they may not take it very possitive...

On the other hand though, there are Gods who may not really care about this and they just want to help you to get what they want, what's usefull for them... I don't know if Anubis is like that, in fact I see his name for first time. Other gods will not help you to everything with their own right-even if they do or don't care about your relationship and intensions with them, for their reasons. It depends on the Deity.

There are some entities called as "Genies" you know, which grants your wishes. In wishes there's always a price...
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Re: Does it works??
By: / Novice
Post # 4
he's a God, not a slave. he won't grant your wishes, but he may look favourably upon you. if you show love and devotion to any deity they may reward you because they have a close bond with you and see your struggles and your kind deeds. now, not all deities act the same, and Anubis probably won't give you everything you wish for because you said please. [he seems like the type who would protect you, but make you work for things] my Goddess is very loving, but can dish out tough love sometimes. if i was to walk up to her every week and ask for stuff, i know she would teach me a lesson.

side note: you are wondering about granting 'any' wish? another no. Gods can look favourably upon you and you might find yourself with a sudden promotion to help your money problems, but a God will not make a random money shower appear in your living room. it still has to be part of nature. you can normally tell when a deity intervened because you prayed for something. sometimes you're suddenly think of your deity or you will see their symbol/animal at the same time or very soon after receive your requested thing. it's hard to say exactly what will happen, you just get a strong feeling that your deity helped.
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