Sex in a pentragram dream

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Sex in a pentragram dream

Sex in a pentragram dream
Post # 1
hi Guys,

Last night I had a dream , whereby i was having sex with one of my long term friends - we have had sex numerous times before, but nothing related to wicca. I am not a religious person, but the pentagram (made out of white sand) lead me here to find some answers.

Can anyone please shed some light on its significance, should i pursue doing this or is it just a dream with some meaning attached to it?
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Re: Sex in a pentragram dream
Post # 2
Maybe that dream is pointing you towards Tantrism.
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Re: Sex in a pentragram dream
By: / Novice
Post # 3
spiritual or not, the pentagram is a positive symbol of protection. [unless in your religion it's frowned upon you can use your personal views on the symbol, but as someone who either doesn't care or is on a pagan path it would be a positive symbol] since you are inside the pentagram you could also interpret you're inside circle which is a holy space for many witches. white is also a positive sign, representing things like peace and new beginnings. [again, if you're from a culture that see's the colour white as negative go with that interpretation. dreams are personal, so you should try and interpret your own dreams]

the sex can also have several meanings, the sex itself could shadow your current sex drive or emotional state [say passionate sex vs soft caressing, the former you probably just want sex, the latter you want more love in your life] since this is an ex partner of sorts, coupled with the white, you could be scared about moving on. perhaps you have a change in your waking life [say a date, or have a crush on someone else] and you're nervous trying something new. your mind is showing you a safer past event.

overall i wouldn't worry too much about it, but try reflecting on your current life, this dream could be trying to comfort you because of some love related issues in your waking life.
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Re: Sex in a pentragram dream
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Sexual dreams are quite normal and common -- especially about people you have been with, and even about people you have not.

As for the pentagram, it could just be that you have been thinking of related things as of late.

The subconscious mind can combine things in very unusual ways in dreams sometimes.

Whether the dream means more and what it means, if anything, is completely up to you and your own interpretation.
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