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Crystals / Pet's
Post # 1

So I just moved in with my mom to help her out with her health. She owns twoChihuahuas that are tanned like a rottweiler or dobbermen. My mom bought the first one when a lady out side of a Walmart was trying to sell her to people going in an out of the store in the middle of winter. We later found out she was under 4 weeks old. We had allot of complications but she was a fighter.

Anyways, I have a few crystal pendulums/raw crystals/ and crystal balls. I was holding one in my hand after cleansing it on the night of the full moon. Then one of my moms dog's came over to me to sit on my lap, as she laid down, I showed her the crystal in my hand she sniffed it quickly and backed her head away as if she was scared. She then turned her head sideways and lookd at it like she was scared. I then put it in my hand closed and showed her once again. Same reaction, She even backed her head up and turned it sideways. Looking at it, as I brought it in closer she jumped off my lap and took off.

I showed the crystal to my mom''s other dog an the same thing. I even switched the crystals' thinking maybe it had to do with a certain type. If I place them near them they back away. Giving that scared dog look. My mom's dog's literally seem to be scared an want them no where near them. Has this happened with any of your pets? if so what causes them to react like this? does it have to do with the energy?

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Re: Crystals / Pet's
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Mmmm. I think it's just a dog being a dopey woofer. Nothing to worry about.

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