The horn god

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The horn god
Post # 1
What is your opinion on horn god?. I knew it was very important in paganism before it was distorted as a Demon by Catholics in terms back then. Just wondering what value the horn god has for the wiccan world
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Re: The horn god
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

The Horned God is the male aspect of the Divine in Wicca. He is associated with the wilderness, with animals, and with untamed energies. In Wicca, if you wish to create a relationship with the Horned God then you could start by making an altar to him and offer him prayers and other offerings such as incense. If you don't have a parent/child relationship with him then it is unlikely that invoking him will work for you. If you do then an invocation and prayer for his help might bring you confidence, determination, fortitude, and other traits you would find in a strong male.

An excellent book to read on the subject is "The Witches' God" by Janet and Stewart Farrar

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Re: The horn god
Post # 3
hmm, interesting ^^. I still have the 4 books on wicca to read but i'll note that one down
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Re: The horn god
By: / Novice
Post # 4
the Horned God is not the same as the Christian devil. for one thing his horns are actually antlers. Lark really summed up the main points about the God, he is the Lord of the forest, husband the the Goddess, and is seen by many as a loving father figure. he does have other aspects [both positive and negative] and is known by other names [like Green man or the Oak and Holy Kings] and some people will refer to him as Pan [Greek God of the wild] but he is not evil. The Horned God can be called on for revenge [though i don't know of any Wiccans who would] but he's mostly called on for protection, sometimes sun rituals, and various 'masculine' pursuits.

i've always felt a strong connection to the God, but there's always been a strong lean towards the Goddess [i think it has to do with most Wiccans convert from male dominated religions] i also wish he was more commonly called The Stag God or Antler God since 'Horned God' usually results in people concluding 'devil worship'.
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