possible possesion

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possible possesion
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Hi, I'm OkonanOkou. I could say this about certain surveillances I have had. first off I'm skeptical that i may be possessed by an entity, I've thought little about this
Perhaps by the means of they who may lay within myself (entity NOT wanting me to know its there).
I received this creature I think after a long spiritual journey, from a path where I've walked through a wall, seen parts of the future and the past, to moving tree limbs with what i can only call "telekinesis"; my travels have been from shops in spain to around america.
I have always known of being from different states, going way back to the beginning years after all i was a god.

Any way back to the possible possesion. It was late afternoon i had just left the grounds of an ancient celtic stone sight, If I remember corectly I was around 1000 feet from the sight where I had a camp fire. It got later closer to the night and I started to comunicate with this aura...
eventually I got up from my seat and invited the being to sit down..
after she left I was walking my way through the woods (before nightfall) where I got to an oddly shapes stump. Heard a gnarly voice, fell back on the ground..
when I got up I looked at my hands then realized they were my hands and how I had them under my controll...
when I got back to my camper I had recited a phraze, which I have sence unrealized, that came from some sort of insperation, when all of the sudden i began to see symbols , orbs , and (no other word besides the electricity flowing in the air) more often...

So to lead into the question, Am I possessed by an entity?
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Re: possible possesion
Post # 2
Dude what did you eat?
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Re: possible possesion
By: / Novice
Post # 3

I highly doubt you are possessed by anything, but I am very concerned at your belief that you can walk through walls and have telekinetic abilities.

And I don't even want to get started on the fact that your believe you were once a god.

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