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Post # 1
Modern science has proven numerous times that there are things that we cannot see, hear or experience that do indeed exist. For example Albert Einstein theory E=MC2 states that matter is compressed energies. We did not believe this until we got the technology to see that he was indeed correct. Atoms were seen with this theory, and the Atomic Bomb was created.

Recently, using the super string theory ( A theory stating that all particles vibrate at a certain frequency and when one particle vibrates the same as another it becomes that particle) we have been able to teleport an atom between dimensions at least ten were discovered.
Proving we do not know everything about the universe.
You must ask yourself could you possibly know everything about the universe in order to disbelieve in Fairies?
The possibilities are endless.
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Re: hi
By: / Novice
Post # 2

I would probably recommend titleing your forum posts correctly, that way you will get more views and useful responses.

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Re: hi
Post # 3
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Re: hi
Post # 4
I agree to H20fanRikki, I really wouldn't click on this thread..I did just because of the "hi" title that'e remaining on "Misc Topics". However what I saw is not an introducing of yourself, but a very informing and correct post that the non-spirit believers should (re)think about.

And who knows, maybe one day Many years in the future science starts to proce the existence of the spirits... I wouldn't like this to happen to the ones that don't deserve it though, also the mystery will be lost....
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Re: hi
By: / Novice
Post # 5
just because you cannot 100% disprove something doesn't make it real either however. magick is an ancient science before we had science. many things witches believed in before science has been proven [like chamomile for colds, we didn't need the science to tell us it would help, it was a well known remedy] i don't like arguing a persons beliefs, but there is a line, because there comes a point when belief can become dangerous. what if someone believes they're part faerie? it's not harmful until they try jumping off the roof hoping to fly. if you believe in faeries, fine [i've dealt with faeries myself] just don't blindly follow a belief and refuse to listen to others.
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