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Post # 1
This is probably a very basic question, but I want to know from someone involved in Voodoo, especially Hatian Vodou how they serve their ancestors. What do your ancestors help you with exactly? What kind of offerings do you give them, and what is your ancestor altar like?
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Re: Ancestors
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Well, bear in mind it has been a while since I've talked to anyone about Vodou, I was always told that essentially you build a small shrine separate from the restless/unnamed dead and Lwa. At the bare minimum, it would need a glass, candle, and a Bible on the altar. I was always told water and their favorite foods would be appropriate offerings, as well as recitation of prayers and passages from the Bible. And, I was told to keep the shrine closed off for privacy.

I could be a bit off.

And, no, it's not a basic question. It's a very good question.

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Re: Ancestors
By: / Novice
Post # 3

From what I know of that specifically, you'd set it up in the same way you'd set it up, generally.

Glass of water, mirror, white tablecloth, cross/crucifix, pictures of family members and their affects. You light white candles and keep perfumes they like on the altar. You can keep white flowers there. Offerings of alcohol and black coffee are usually much appreciated. If you have an urn of ashes, this is where you would keep it. Hope this helped.

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Re: Ancestors
By: / Novice
Post # 4

In Vodou the ancestors are reffered as Zancet they are served with water lots of water. They are only given food without any salt they are given flowers and people who have Mama or Papa Kanzo and family that that they know of their Mama or Papa Kanzo that have passed are often put on the Ancestors altar. Often given coffee with sugar bread and after God comes the ancestors crosses and rosaries are put on the altar to represent God as in Vodou everything begins and ends with God. I always recomend anyone who is intrested to go to a Priest or Priestess when it comes to Vodou. Ancestors are served appart from the altar to the Lwa they. The ancestors are only given white and no salt. white candles white cloth and always keep their space clean and give them candles and water often. Monday is the day of the ancestors which you can clean their water you can offer them coffee with sugar.

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