Spiritual Numbers

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Spiritual Numbers
Post # 1

Hey guys I'd hope this would be a good and interesting topic to start talking about as long as it doesn't cause any problems. But here is my story with this. Recently I started seeing the number 666 or 6 in general. I am cashier at my local retail store. And I would sometimes see this number pop up on the register screen. I honestly really never pay any attention to these things. Cause I am not superstitious.

But I wanted to know from you guys experiences and opinions with seeing spiritual numbers in your life. What does it mean too when you see these numbers?? I am also wondering why I keep seeing. It just started to happen a few days ago. And today when I was a cashier I started to see it a lot.

Blessed Be!

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Re: Spiritual Numbers
Post # 2
A lot of the time we don't recognise patterns like this and once we do we become more vigilant. You could have had the number 7:15 on your register screen more often than 666 but because 7:15 holds no significance for you it goes without attention. 666 is more recognisable due to stigma attached to the number from the bible and through cinema and popular culture. The same happens with the 11:11 thing on the clock apparently being lucky. Once you hear about it you begin to notice it more often.
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Re: Spiritual Numbers
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I can only tell of my experiences.

The number seven has always had a pattern for me. Me and my husband are seven years apart in age, our birthday is seven days from each other, our anniversary is August 7th. So it has always been a good and romantic occurrence for me.

The number three had also been prevalent. Our anniversary, my birthday, his birthday, all in a row. It's always a three muskiteers thing because we always have that one very close friend. When they leave someone else takes their place. Whenever we get good or bad news it always comes in threes.

Not sure if this was helpful or a good read but I hope you enjoyed it.

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