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Post # 1
I need help on breaking a curse. My friend was cursed and is so different. I talked to the creator of the curse and he said I have to destroy the thing that carried the curse. It was an obsidian rock. I must remove the curse and destroy the stone. So please help me.
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Re: Help
By: / Novice
Post # 2

If you're any good at energy work, you could sever or drain the link connecting the obsidian to him.

Many curse works that are used on a person are put in their everyday life, if a particular area of their life is being affected, I would look there. If it is the home, hoodoo tradition says a black hen can find it on his lawn or property. Scrying, if you are any good may also be a good way to divine it's location, to a general area.

Another way you could go about this is, if it is anything less than a servitor or other independent entity, is a mirror box spell. Create a poppet of the the caster and place into a box lined with mirrors. After crafting the poppet, burn a black candle dressed with either reversing oil or vinegar and pray psalms 54, or something of your own creation that is similar. Then you can choose to bury this at the cross roads with an offering or in the perpetrator's front yard.

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Re: Help
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Asatru, yes. Sometimes we perceive ourselves as cursed, and end up cursing ourselves in the process. A lot of witches, conjure workers, and the like use this idea to improve their own curses in a way. They're worries can fuel the curse for the caster. Or, the caster doesn't have to do anything at all; they just make the target think they're cursed.

Even in the case of "crossing yourself," a spiritual cleansing, a very stripping one, and a strong protection working would help the person overcome it.

In regards to the question on the poppet, it would identify him in a way. Even if LostHowler couldn't get to him, curses tend to move to the closest thing, stuff around him, until it finds a place to "land". It's still sending it back to the origin, so either way it will leave her.

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