Could use some guidance

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Could use some guidance
Post # 1
For the past year I have been going through a divorce. I know my ex wife's associates are into voodoo and spell casting. I have no issue with the two, but they are being used against me.

Apparently my ex and her powerful associates performed and buried a "strong voodoo spell", and other spells in a graveyard. Her purpose is to keep my two beautiful sons from me, and to get them to hate me. Her intention is also to make sure I am not happy in life, or with another woman, so she has started performing spells on my personal life.

My intention is to overpower her spells, render them inert, and possibly just reverse them to her. While I do not want to perform negative spells on her, I am thinking it would be just for her own spells to simply be cast to her.

Can anyone please guide me, or show me where I can go to learn to perform counter spells and get materials for this?

Thank you so much for your time.
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Re: Could use some guidance
By: / Novice
Post # 2

A strong Vodou spell ? Well it seems that her dont know what to do if they are in Vodou then they should know that cemetaries are guedes realm. Guede are spirits that want justice like Baron Samedi who allot of Tarvay done for justice is done on his pwen. Which is why punishing you with unjust intetion will only make that spell backfire on her and guede will be very angry with her. but you can always do cleansing baths to remove the spells from you if you feel the need to.

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Re: Could use some guidance
Post # 3
Thank you so much for the reply. I find it to be very interesting, and it makes sense to me.

I do know that her colleagues are in high level political and administrative positions that they do not belong in. From what I have witnessed, they go to a woman who is able to secure positions for them using some sort of magic, whether it is spell casting, or voodoo, I am unsure. I do know that they do get the upper hand, and seem to be protected from "wrongdoing". They continue to raise to the top, but the funny thing is they are always on the run, and constantly living a life that is in constant damage control mode. Maybe that's the downside of using magic for evil.

Surely there are negative entities that would thrive on negative intentions, right?
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