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Help please!
Post # 1
HI I've been studying magic for five years but I need someone to cast a spell for me that may be out of my hands

So I have a friend who has a bad ex, who keeps coming back to her and trying to get her attention ,he keeps signing up for every single piece of social media she has and he plays the guilt trip part alot, he keeps her away from her friends and even family

she has this obsession with feeling lonely easily which leads her to end up with bad people controlling her because she can be a pushover, that's what happened with her last three ex bfs

I cast a spell myself for them to break up and they did !
she got tired of him treating her badly and she left him for the last five months but now he's trying to get back into her life
he made her bitter and sad, I want him to give up and for her to hate him enough that she'll ignore his efforts finally and realize she doesn't need him

I can do anything to help aid you in casting the spell
;; for example
I have their photos and their full names along with birthdays and even zodiac signs if you need it
I can't afford to pay you for the spell casting though
I'm looking for someone who can do this willingly for free

please I'm desperate and in need for help before she takes him back or ends up depressed again or in the hospital
blessings to you~~
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Re: Help please!
By: / Novice
Post # 2

While I'm not willing to do a working for you, I do have some general advice.

Do the working yourself, you are better suited than anyone here. You still know the situation better than anyone and can work with it accordingly. Remember to use your skills, divination, contemplation, and research, to gain an understanding of how to best work the spell. I would also keep in close contact with the friend.

From the looks of it, I would suggest sending him away, protecting yourself, her, and the premises. I also suggest keeping him blocked. Block him on social media and the phone, and if he persists, I'd bring the police into it.

Spiritually working on a problem means working on it from all fronts. On a spiritual level, you are working towards this goal and physically you are doing the best you can to make it a reality.

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Re: Help please!
Post # 3
First of all I'd like to thank you for the advice you've given me
it really means alot!!;;

I would definitely try and do it myself, you see the reason why I wanted someone else to try and do it
is because I am not that experienced and I just got through with battling cancer so my immune system and energy isn't at the best state right now and I need results more sooner then later
you see even today he's been bugging her all day and she's going into that cycle and trap again

I will do my best though, but I still would be thankful for anyone willing to do the spell for me
or if you have any good binding/banishing/break up spells that I could use

it's hard to block him on social media because shes still too much of a pushover to let go of her bad exes, but I will try my best to talk to her about that

again, thank you so much!!~~
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Re: Help please!
Post # 4
hello friend, i just read thru your profile, and i must say i am really sorry about how you feel for your friend, i must say you are a very good friend, because love is helping people that u know cannot help you in return. well i have a little solution, and because i have a friend who has a spiritual father, and i have helped a friend with a similar problem who wanted to get rid of her ex, because she cannot resist him when ever he come around, and this has affected all the relationship that she try to build, all this happened last year, and now my friend is engage and will be married at the end of this year. so if you don't mind i can introduce you to my friends spiritual father, but if you are interested you let me know then i can tell my friend first and get back to you, but i await your reply if you are interested to meet him.
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