dragon eggs

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dragon eggs
Post # 1
I had spoke to my dragon guardian fafnir the dragon of fire, if I was ready to have my first dragon and only dragon, I am using an egg to end spell to create my dragon egg...the only problem can I hatch it? I cant put it under a live fire for a year and a day or however you hatch I was wondering If anyone else knew a better way?
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Re: dragon eggs
By: / Novice
Post # 2
uh... not to call you a liar but how is Fafnir your Guardian dragon? Fafnir is the ruler of fire element dragons [it is believed in many Draconic paths anyway. he started out as a Norse being, not a Dragon per-sey if memory serves, later acquired by the Draconic Path] he is called on when circle casting, and for spells of fire. your Guardian Dragon is a young Dragon who dwells in your home and protects it. how is Fafnir permanently in your home? [also no Dragon is physical, a Guardian Dragon is like a house spirit] second, if you are getting knowledge and guidance from Fafnir, he's giving your wisdom [i've asked him for guidance too, but he's not my personal Guide Dragon] you probably haven't found your actual Guide Dragon yet [which might be what Fafnir is talking about with the egg and personal Dragon]

regarding the egg, you cannot create an actual Dragon [astrally and especially not physically] Dragons are not physically real so you don't have to worry about throwing an egg into a fire or waiting for it to hatch or anything like that. what it probably means is your Guide will reveal himself/herself to you soon, be open and observant. meditate on your guide, project and spend time in the astral, your Guide should come to you soon. it could also mean your Guardian Dragon will come by soon, so again, keep an open mind and sense any change in the energy around your home. perhaps set up an altar for your Dragon and meditate before it as well as leave offerings so it has a place to call home.
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Re: dragon eggs
Post # 3

Fafnir doesn't surround my home or live in it, and I know he doesn't live in the physical realm like we do, dragons live in the otherworld which is similar to the physical world except they can choose to show themselves or not or can be touched in any way. I've learned a lot since I posted that.

When I heard about fafnir things got weird. Everything heavy was light, my emotions were....blank, I felt nothing, I felt no happiness or sadness or boredom, I couldn't feel the heat of the sun, or cold, I felt light when I walked these feelings took about an hour or two to die down then when I heard about him again these feeling were stronger and more weird, and a few weeks later my friend had a dream that fafnir appeared before her as a shadow and told my friend that I talked a lot about her (I do :3) and told her that her element was water and her water dragon was waiting for her then he pointed to a gate, which that's all she remembered and the whole "throwing an egg into the fire" was something I would never do because why would I try to hatch a dragon's egg without knowing how to hatch it that was the only thing I found, plus there are dragon eggs I just don't know where to find them and I heard you can feel the presence of an egg nearby. Anyhow...yes a dragon can come into the physical realm with you but only if they wanna. And typy cam ride a dragon but you need their permission. I don't know how to find dragon eggs. There's is more to the story you see above but I'm getting ready to visit a friend so I don't have time to explain what really happened.

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Re: dragon eggs
By: / Novice
Post # 4
your story walks a fine line between fiction and reality. i'm not going to argue personal experiences with a spiritual being as they are personal held beliefs. however i will argue your dragon egg claims, because physical dragons are not real. you also cannot make an astral dragon physical out of sheer will. dragons can travel to the physical [just like we can travel to the astral] and they can choose to dwell here with us, but they are not physical, they are astral, they will behave like spiritual energy on our physical plane. and again i will say you cannot hatch a dragon egg. also, your friends element is not water, we are all the elements, perhaps the dragon was saying how she is like the element of water, needs to embrace the element of water, or has chosen to work with the element of water, but we need to balance all the elements and work with them all. it is a myth we have only one element.

also, since it was a dream, you might consider interpreting the dream. what is an egg? in dreams it has a few meanings, but one is a new beginning. what about fire? it too has many meanings, transformation for example. throwing an egg into the fire, could be another way of saying 'trial by fire' [an old phrase meaning to work well under pressure] so the dream could mean your friend is going to be tested and begin a new chapter in her life.
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