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Straight up
Post # 1
Hello to all. I came to this site about a week back and immediately started asking questions. Very rude of me. So I have now decided to do the decent and give some sort of formal introduction. I am for the most part, very friendly, honest, loyal, sensitive, open minded and intelligent.

Hobbies, Building and maintaining computers for gamers, listening to a large variety of music, and watching movies. Oh, not to mention taking care of my little Tibetan Spaniel, who I consider my best friend. I used to be a artist and musician, but thanks to a mistake made at the hospital that literally killed a small part of my brain and I had to let my artistic and musical talent go, due to the sudden onset of tremors.

Beliefs, to be blunt, I am a atheist. I have no faith what so ever in any of the churches. In fact I see them as very much a hindrance rather than any sort of help. The Catholic church in particular has broken every law you could possibly put a name to and caused more wars and misery to so many people in the past, that I still can't believe they hold as much power as they do. I still name their biggest crime as robbing people of their ability to have faith in themselves, by insisting that they put there faith in something or someone that simply doesn't exist. I do not believe in gods, angels, devils or demons. Nor do I believe in heaven or hell. Those two are always here in the form of monetary greed and power mongers, etc.

I do find some aspects of things like Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, I-Ching etc quite interesting and find that using two or three of them at them same time to be quite beneficial for attempting to find certain truths about upcoming events or learning about oneself from studying ones past.

I live alone and since the parting of my soul mate, I now very much keep to myself. Reaching out to this site is about the biggest thing I have attempted in the way of meeting people since her death.

Having said all that. I apologize in advance if I have caused anyone to feel anger at what I have written here. But for me, that is how it is. I do not judge people as individuals and as such would appreciate your not judging me for what I have said.

Well, I better leave it at that. Before I cause a online war. Be well to all and take the best of care.
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