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Post # 1
I've been wondering if the people you are with, that had been a part of your life, like a lover for example, are just temporary, then what's the use of promises? Like having someone to promise never to leave you, but when he parts, then that's it? I mean that ends there for the promise in that current lifetime. I read and heard from elder talks that we won't be able to know and remember each other as spirit form. Although, when my grandma and grandpa was on their deathbed, I remember them seeing the spirit of their deceased sister and brother, or cousins. Ye know I was just thinking, it'd be nice to be just with one person even in the next million lifetimes, but I somehow realized that our journey in life is not really for everyone else's but ours alone. We can create the illusion that we are living for someone and something , but it's not really for them. It's the influence it gives to our own lives whether positive or negative. 'Coz it may seem to complete us or mold us into whatever purpose the current lifetime has in store for us. It's just sad to think we are alone afterall. That we can never be fill 'coz we are made empty in the first place. Like someone said, I guess the only joy in life is to learn to accept and love the emptiness and move on constantly filling it with the help of booze, drugs, sex, family, faith, money. Anyway, it's 2AM and I just can't sleep, that's all.
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Re: Promises
By: / Novice
Post # 2
a promise is sacred, you shouldn't make a promise if you don't mean it [i promise i won't be late for example] when it comes to a promise like 'i'll never leave you' i would think long and hard before such a claim. a handfasting [witch wedding aka a magickal binding] for example shouldn't be taken lightly, since you're binding the two of you together so you will always find each other even if you break up [which requires another ceremony to undo the binding] some people write into their vows to find each other in the next life which is a pretty serious claim. each life is different, and that vow might result in bad things in your next life [you cannot guarantee you'll be lovers in every lifetime, one might be reborn as a cat and the other as a plant which are owned by the same person. your souls still technically found each other]

regarding death bed confessionals, there's logical answers to this like remembering loved ones and the mind projecting images as it slowly shuts down. but if you go with the religious it's your deceased loved ones returning to welcome you into the next life. go with whatever you feel is correct. [story time: my cousin use to read tarot, but she quit after predicting our aunts death. at the time we didn't think it meant death but her spread warned of medical issues, and a long journey to visit people she hadn't seen in years. 2 months later she was diagnosed with cancer and had 6 weeks left. whenever anyone would visit she would tell us to go visit our uncle or great-grandparents who were just down the hall. you could argue logically it's coincidence, but my cousin and i don't.] the afterlife is a comfort, but no one really knows, is it heaven? are you reincarnated? are you reborn only as a human? i've heard a belief you are reborn around souls of people you knew in past lives, so maybe there is a connection tying us all together.

you can look at it bleakly that we are alone surrounded by strangers, or you could look at it as this is an opportunity for your soul to grow and experience new things. your soul is connected to the divine, and therefore connected in some little way to everything. do you want to spend a lifetime in despair, or going on adventures? you can drown your sorrows in 'sins of the flesh' or you can find things to do you actually enjoy. maybe this lifetime your soul copes with depression, addiction, homelessness, or wins the lottery and has the perfect life. no one knows, life is an adventure, it's best to go with the flow.
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