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Dream Intrepretation
Post # 1
Last year my grandma passed away...and in the past three nights, I keep having dreams about her funeral. It's always a different type of funeral. The first one was very extravagent, with everyone dressed up as they would if they were going to a dance ball. At one point, my grandma came back to life so she could change into a fancier dress for her coffin.

The second funeral, my family was once again, dressed up, but this time in all black. And her funeral was at the beach. Her coffin was being pulled into the ocean by a car. And we just all watched it sink, mourning.

The third funeral was just a normal funeral, and I almost can't remember the details, but I remember feeling the pain of her passing away. But I do remember that there was 3 black cats following me, but then they suddenly disappeared.

If someone can please help me out, and figure out what this means. Thank you.

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Re: Dream Intrepretation
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Sometimes the subconscious mind deals with memories during dreams, especially significant events such as the funeral of a loved one.

Since the subconscious more often works in symbols and tropes, events can be played back differently than they happened, or as expressions of what emotions were experienced, such as the feeling of permanent loss by her coffin being submerged, of missing her and wishing she hadn't gone by her ability to wake up and change clothes -- which could also be related to thoughts of her comfort and well-being even after her passing.

And speaking from personal experience, I know I have had dreams which re-start or rehash certain elements because something wasn't expressed clearly, it wasn't realistic, or some other reason.

Of course it is up to you, since it is your own subconscious, to figure out what it means to you or whether it is more important than just a dream.
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Re: Dream Intrepretation
By: / Novice
Post # 3

It is not uncommon in many practices for the dead to make contact with the living, and this is about the time for it. In many belief systems the dead reside elsewhere, or are otherwise unavailable, for about a year. This about the time that I would add them to my ancestor altar, either through the addition of their personal effects or through a formal welcoming and a glass of their perferred beverage, a tea light or novena specifically for them would also be appropriate.

- Some Questions -

  1. How did these funerals feel?
  2. How did they make you feel?
  3. How was her actual funeral?

- Some Advice -

Leave a glass of water and a tea light, or novena, on your bedside table. This could help her get her message across more effectively. Also, be sure to write down everything you can remember, this can help you to remember future dreams in vivid details and to discern between prophetic dreams and normal dreams.

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Re: Dream Intrepretation
Post # 4
Thank you!
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